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Drag is becoming more and more mainstream all over the world, a good example of this is the big amount of Drag competitions that are popping in different countries and showcase their local and international drag talent. If you consider yourself a drag fan you should definitely check these: 

Number 5: Drag Idol Newcastle

I know what you are thinking… but how could I not include in my top 5, the Drag competition where I started my journey! Drag Idol Newcastle has been going for over 10 years and has crowned some amazing Drag performers from the North East of England (and Gladys Duffy). Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 the 2020 final has been postponed, but hey, that just means I get to keep my crown for a bit longer! I’m not complaining. Some amazing contestants you should check are: Faux King Dick, Layla Sphynx, Risqué, Gladys Duffy and Venus Dimilo.

Number 4: Gala Drag Queen de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

This Spanish competition happens every summer since 1998, that’s over 20 years! And let me tell you, it is FIERCE! The contestants spend all year preparing for one night where they showcase the most extravagant performances, with backup dancers, outfit changes, full on productions and super unique concepts. Some amazing contestants you should check are: Drag SethlasDrag ChuchiDrag Quiron, Drag Vulcano & Drag Elektra

Number 3: La Más Draga

A Mexican Drag competition web series. The reality TV show is broadcast exclusively through YouTube and is currently one of the most important platforms for Drag  in Mexico. The objective of the program is to bring together the best drag talents from different states of Mexico and make them compete each week with challenges inspired by Mexican culture until only one of them obtains the title of “La Más Draga” of Mexico. The third season has been announced and will release its first episode on September the 22nd. Some queens from this competition you should definitely know are: Deborah La Grande, Margaret y Ya, Alexis3xl, Soro Nasty & Amelia Waldorf

Number 2: Dragula

A reality competition television series produced and hosted by The Boulet Brothers who challenge a different set of eleven drag artists to compete in an underground style drag competition each season. I’m fully expecting you to know about this stunning competition that gives a spotlight to some of the most creative and diverse performers who compete for the chance to win a cash prize and the crown of “Dragula – the World’s Next Drag Supermonster”. The show celebrates underground and alternative drag art, and bases each episode’s challenges on the four principles of the show – “Drag”, “Filth”, “Horror” and “Glamour”. Some of the drag performers you should most definitely know are: Landon Cider, Maxi GlamourBiqtch Puddin, Vander Von Odd & Abhora

Number 1: Love For The Arts

One of the newest Drag competitions out there and it’s hosted by All Stars 4 winner, Trinity The Tuck. Trinity has adapted perfectly to these crazy Corona times and has created an international digital drag competition! Everything about it is stunning, the challenges, the guest judges, the outfits and videos that the contestants submit, all of them really bring it every week and it’s just great to see how performers from all over the world (Mexico, USA, UK, Guatemala…) compete so fiercely for the crown. You can watch the competition every Tuesday on Twitch, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Some of the contestants you should check are: Gvajardo, Carmen Monoxide, Kat WildernessKylee Ohara Fatale & the our UK queen, Zodi

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