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Top 5 Instagram accounts that create smashing content during the lock down

Number 5: Tete Bang

It is undeniable that we have a lot of time on our hands at the moment, so one of the things you should try and do is learn a new skill, right? Well, Tete has you sorted! This amazing queen has been releasing a series of video tutorials for crafty artists! The series is called TETES TUTORIALS. From hair, to costumes, to head pieces… You won’t get bored and you will end up with a lovely piece made all by yourself! 

Number 4: Creative Waves

Creative Waves is a project curated by Sail Creative, a design studio in Newcastle. It invites people from across the globe to submit artwork in response to the coronavirus situation in any way they want. Photography, illustrations, handicrafts, phrases… Basically any aspect of this current situation that affects or inspires people, regardless of age or artistic abilities. Maybe you should submit some work – get those creative juices flowing! 

Number 3: Jose Roda

Jose Roda is a Spanish illustrator based in Madrid. He is my absolute favourite artist and he is really killing it during lock down. He is doing a series of illustrations with COVID’19 as a theme, and every single one of them brings a smile to my face when I see them, so I thought you might like them too! His content is mostly in Spanish, so get cracking with DuoLingo girl! If you like his work you can also check out his shop

Number 2: Gisele

This stunning queen has basically broken the internet with her insane looks! Gisele is a Manchester based drag performer and her make up skills will leave you speechless not only for her preciseness and creativity but also because her sources of inspiration are just insane: Leonardo da Vinci, Ancient Egypt and Vincent Van Gogh are just a few of the themes she explores as inspiration for her looks. That, added to this queen’s natural talent, will possibly make you want to quit drag!

Number One: Leslie Jordan

The king of the lock down himself. Leslie Jordan has been cracking up the world with his hilarious daily updates. Since we started the quarantine he has gained over 3 million followers, and I’m not surprised – every single video he posts is comedy gold! 

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