Top 5 Apps that are helping me survive lock down

Number 5: Workout at Home

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling to keep myself away from the fridge during this whole lock down, but at the same time I’ve had more time to do some sport and live a healthier life style than I normally do. My boyfriend recommended this app, and I have to say that I downloaded it thinking it wouldn’t be for me, but it is actually really good! It has different levels and series that you can combine, the work outs are not very long and are suitable for all fitness abilities. 

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Number 4: Psych!

Another positive that I found during lock down was that I actually am chatting more with friends than I normally do, and this app is perfect if you have a close group of friends with loads of free time, just like I do! 

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Number 3: Tik Tok

If you haven’t at least downloaded the app you are not doing this lock down thing right. I believe it’s specified in the government guidelines for the quarantine that at least one person in each house hold must have the app on their phones and upload at least one tik tok a week. I’m obviously messing with you, but if you find yourself bored, this app is the one for you (although you may find it inadvertently eats into your allotted ‘Home Workout’ time…oops!). People get very creative on it with recipes, make-up, choreo… and even if you only download it to watch stuff, I’m telling you right now — you’ll spend hours on it! 

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Number 2: Zoom

Not being able to see my friends and family has been the hardest, although I’m kinda used to it with most of them being back in Spain. It’s funny how in the four years that I have been living here I haven’t done a video call with some of them, and now all of a sudden I end up seeing them pretty much every day! 

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Number 1: Parchisi Star

Is Parchisi the best app in the world? Yes it is. You may not know this about me but I am obsessed with the game Ludo (in Spain we call it ‘Parchís’). It is a very popular game in Valencia and we even have championships in summer. As soon as the lock down started I downloaded this app and I played almost every night with my friends back in Spain, we even did a championship! It has great features, and not only you can play with your friends, but you can also play weekly challenges with people around the globe, as well as personalise your board, character etc. If you do download it send me a DM and we can play together! 

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