Chromatica: The biggest bops



The day is finally upon us, mother monster has blessed us with her 6th and most anticipated album yet! A portal to the galaxy of Chromatica is officially open and we’ve stepped straight through for a futuristic bopfest. Rather than do a review of the whole album, we’ve picked out the stronger half to give you a quick rundown of what we expect will be the most successful offerings from this new era.

Now before we get started, we enjoyed the album as a whole and will no doubt end up loving it all so this is mainly first impressions. Oh and we’re doing this in order of appearance on the album – it’s way too early in the game to be making a top 6 in order!

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Following a dramatic introduction to the album, our first official anthem is Alice. This is a essentially giving us a journey straight into the Chromatica world with a futuristic Wonderland vibe and it’s so damn catchy. If this doesn’t scream dance floor anthem, we don’t know what will, it went straight on our playlist and if we ever go to a gym, it’ll be a fun motivational track.

“My naaaame isn’t Alice, but I’ll keep looking, I’ll keep looking for Wonderland” – same Gaga, same.

Next up we have lead single Stupid Love, which let’s be honest isn’t a massive shock, why else would it have been the first release after all? There’s absolutely no denying that this is one to get the party started and definitely encourages an upbeat mood. This pretty much sets the tone for the album with a space-age vibe that you’ll have on repeat.

We totally want your Stupid Love!

So at this point we’re on a streak cos it goes without saying that Rain on Me is a phenomenal anthem and we’re all probably part way through learning the choreography at this point. When you combine two of the biggest names in pop with a stupidly catchy club-ready track it’s basically a guaranteed win. We don’t need to tell you about this one, you’ll already have listened to it plenty of times.

We may not be dry, but at least we’re alive!

Up next we push forward to the second act of Chromatica with something that feels like it dragged the Born This Way era into the future for a dance. We get a slower beat to start, speeding up for the chorus and giving us a cute little anthem that sells Gaga as barbie’s space loving sis who’s sick of being used by men. It’s just a nice track, showing off some great vocals and provides an easy-listening dance moment to the mix.

Jump ahead to the concluding section of the album and we have our a duet with Elton John, given we’re in a space era it fully makes sense to get rocket man involved right? Sine From Above is dipping into the powerhouse territory, giving you a tasty little pop anthem from two absolute legends: combining old school with new. If this doesn’t end up with an epic dance remix we’ll be utterly gagged.

Before there was up there was silence – we’re glad it was cracked!

Finally, we have our more melodic number, which does still come with a dance vibe of course. Really enjoyable vocals here and we’ve always been a fan of mother monster doing something a little emotional – Speechless and You&I are iconic after all.

“Lift me up, give me a start, cos I’ve been flying with a broken heart.”

Honourable mention

So we do have a soft spot for Sour Candy with the fabulous BLACKPINK, it’s a really catchy song and without a doubt we’ll be dancing to it every time we hear it. The reason it doesn’t place particular high for us is simply that it doesn’t give us anything stand out in comparison to a regular top 40 track. Plus it’s far too short, we want more!

Since the album has 13 tracks (minus the instrumentals) – this totally counts as half a point and we definitely didn’t break our half album theory……shush!

Go stream Chromatica on Spotify, Itunes or wherever else great music is found.

Oh and then get that Rain on Me choreo memorised, we got some dancing to do!