Divina De Campo: Decoded (EP review)



Not just a red wig and a silver dress, De Campo is now serving you a 6-track EP of bops to give you a good old reason to dance. We’re slightly biased since she sent us a copy herself but we’re gonna give you an honest review, promise!

Just before we do that, let’s take a second to appreciate the stunning visual on the cover!
(Plus we love that the record itself is red, for filth.)

A Drag Race Song

If you haven’t already heard the intro track to the EP, where the hell have you been? A complete and utter parody of the type of music you expect to hear when a Ru girl releases her first song, done in a terribly catchy way. From an Alaska impression to the iconic line “Cash, Paypal or Venmo my pussayy” this is filled with queer terms and just super fun. A few casual shout outs to mumma Ru, Crystal, Gothy, Blu, The Vivienne, Scaredy and Michelle Visage for good measure and you’ve got a hit right there!


We move straight from parody into more of a typical dance track that has a little hint of almost operatic vocals thrown in there cos, well you all know from Drag Race that a bitch can hit the notes. A bit of a late 80’s/early 90’s feel to the chorus especially – do we detect hints of Madonna? Either way, we enjoyed it and we’ll be up in the club singing “You touch it, your taste it, come take me now” in no time.

Elevate Her

Absolutely a club anthem this one, catchy from the first beat and we can picture ourselves throwing some shapes in the club. This moves away from your typical drag music and simply gives you something to get you moving. “Look to the stars, I’ll meet you in the sky” is a cute little lyric amidst a song we’ve had on repeat for an hour now. This one may be the fave and we would fully ride this roller-coaster. (You’ll get the reference when you listen to it)


Now it’s time for an total bop with a great message behind it, would we be expecting anything less from Divina? We’re feeling a throwback here, something we’d expect to hear at a roller-disco actually and we’re all about that vibe. The whole concept of the song is to not feel the need to be validated and that’s the kind of positive attitude we all need. To quote miss De Campo “Don’t need your option, I will not be a victim”.

Pocket Rocket Princess

A fun little upbeat number this one, though we do feel like it’s more at home in your bedroom than on a dance floor, which ain’t exactly a bad thing. Quite a charming song that combines the idea of something cute with an utterly filthy undertone, (if you can pretend it’s that subtle with lyrics such as “Darken my station, park in the rear”). Though it doesn’t make us want to dance quite as much as the others, it still puts the buzz in our light-year!

Down With You

To close the EP we have ourselves a playful dance track that can certainly get you back on your feet. Imagine you’re in a nice convertible, top down and driving around with your best friends in the summer – this is the kinda song you’ll be singing along to. Now as enthusiasts of daddy culture (with the merch to prove it), we instantly fell a little in love when we heard “Daddy move closer please, I’m dropping down on my knees”. Utter filth and a catchy backing track? Sign. Us. Up.

Needless to say we quite enjoyed the EP but don’t trust our option, give it a listen for yourselves! You can listen find Decoded via a number of streaming services by clicking here!

For good measure and simply cos we can, here’s the video for Drag Race Song, peace out xo