Have we peaked your Unplugged Queeriosity?



We’re living for all these fabulous live shows right now, it’s keeping us sane (and also insane in the best way) during the whole queerantine realness. One of our favourite UK sheros is putting on a damn show and we caught up with her to spill the tea.

BWD: Firstly, can we get a quick introduction to yourself for anyone who doesn’t know you?

Donna: Heyyyyy!!!! My name is Donna Trump, a drag artist based in Manchester who is curator and host of Queeriosity! I have also had the pleasure of performing nationally and internationally in my 4 years of doing drag.

BWD: This isn’t the first we’ve seen of Queeriosity Cabaret – would you like to tell the children what it’s all about outside of quarantine?

Donna: Queeriosity Cabaret was a weekly night that rand every Saturday on Canal Street hosting a variety of queer performers and each week would be a brand new show. New content and new routines with guests from around the world popping in now and again. I created it to be a place where people felt welcome, come enjoy some wonderful entertainment and it was all over by Midnight – so you could get the last tram home or party the night away!

We wanted to welcome in people from all walks of life – all genders, sexualities, ethnicities – everyone was welcome to come and enjoy what we had to offer.

Unfortunately the venue was sold in January 2020 and the new owners wanted to re-brand the bar for a different demographic and they didn’t think Queeriosity would work for them. I have been on the hunt for a new venue ever since so we decided to revive it for quarantine but do it on a bit of a bigger scale.

BWD: How did you narrow it down to these amazing performers?

Donna: Our first one, I organised in 7 days and approached the artists myself. This time, I opened applications up for artists to apply – I had 411 applications for this edition in the space of a week!

Trust me, it was hard to narrow it down! The one thing I’m screening for the most is the concept and performance they wish to bring to the table. My aim is to create a show full of variety and hopefully people will see that. 

BWD: Any subtle hints as to what kinda performances we should expect?

Donna: All I will say is that you will be introduced to so many wonderful artists in this show. Some you may have heard of, some of them you won’t know at all. 

This is a celebration of the diversity that the art form of drag has – 4 hours of creative bliss!

BWD: How do people donate to the fantastic artists involved?

Donna: People can donate directly to our donation PayPal: paypal.me/queeriosity 50% of the suggested donations will be donated to Mermaids whilst the rest will be shared equally amongst the vast line up of performers.

Tipping directly will also be available for individual performers on the night!

Queeriosity UnPlugged! – Saturday 2nd May

A 4 Hour Drag Festival in your own home!


We’re talking cabaret extravaganza brought to your very home to serve you entertaintment for your nerve bitches!

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/donnatrumpuk

Suggested donation is £3/$5, using paypal.me/queeriosity but the show is actually free and you’re encouraged to simply give what you can!

50% of the suggested donations will be donated to Mermaids UK whilst the rest will be shared equally amongst the vast line up of performers. (More information about the wonderful Mermaids UK can be found on their website: https://mermaidsuk.org.uk/)

Tipping will also be available for individual performers if you feel so inclined!

Here is the full INTERNATIONAL Lineup for ya’ll:

Donna Trump (Manchester)
Christian Gay (Birmingham)
Chanel O’Conor (Edinburgh)
Barbs (London)
Miss Moppe (London)
Asia Thorne (London)
Zack of All Tradezzz (Maidenhead)
Sue Gives A Fuck (London)
Cherry Liquor (Portsmouth)
Joy Less (Canterbury)
Pork Pie (Birmingham)
The Vicar’s Daughter (Manchester)
Kate Butch (London)
Loki Lovehandles (Glasgow)
Herr The Queen (London)
Ginny Lemon (Worcester)
Coco Deville (Manchester)
Holly Stars (The North)
Yshee Black (Birmingham)
Quiches Lorraine (London)
Julie Noted (Manchester)
Miss Penny (Birmingham)
Blu Romantic (Birmingham)
Effy Raine (Birmingham)
Rococo Chanel (Brighton)
Choriza May (Newcastle)
Taylor Trash (London)
Narcissa Nightshade (Manchester)
Midgitte Bardot (Liverpool)

Lucky Stiff (Chicago, USA)
Violencia Exclamation Point (Massachusetts, USA)
Kylee O’Hara Fatale (Texas, USA)
Tito Soto (San Francisco, USA)
Vander Von Odd (LA, USA)
Florida Mann (San Francisco, USA)
Bambi Banks-Couleè (Chicago, USA)
Andro Gin (Florida, USA)
Gilda Wabbit (Kentucky, USA)
Miss Toto (Chicago, USA)

And the lone ranger from Belgium!

Vanessa Van Cartier (Belgium)