Man-Crush Mondays: Volume Five



Wait we’re on volume five already? Well it is a nice way to start the week after all. Here’s your dose of lovely men that caught our attention this week!

First up, it’s the stunning Michael

Who wants tickets to Phil’s gun show?

We didn’t know Nightmare on Elm Street could be sexy until we saw Timmy

How about a moment of reflection with David

Doesn’t Peter just make you want to get physical?

What’s black and white and cute all over? It’s Luke

We love some thicc and juicy, damn Paco!

Alistair is definitely that hot co-worker you look forward to seeing at meetings

If you look up Thicc in the dictionary you’ll probably just find a photo of Chris

Our special shout out this week goes to the lovely Marcus who turned 32 recently – looking good!

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