Man-Crush Mondays: Volume Twelve



Greetings everyone, it’s time for the 12th instalment of our Monday thirst (we’re not counting the special Tuesday Twink edition last week).

We’re going to do a week where all of the gents are fully clothes this time….yes we know there’s usually a lot of topless moments – but maybe if you give each of these babes a follow you’ll see more!

Let’s get things started with the wonderful Joshua and his handsome face!

Is it obvious that we have a bit of a thing for guys in tank tops/vests? Just look at Aaron though <3

You’ll probably recognise the absolutely stunning Jonathan as one of our ambassadors – that stubble though….

Isn’t Malachy just absolutely adorable though?

Gunner is looking sporty and we’re so into it!

Lessons in being subtle with your harness from the gorgeous PJ

Adorable smile and a cute hat? It must be Chad!

We never could resist a handsome ginger man, hello there James!

We love that Jack was feeling his mighty fine oats after a few adult beverages!

This weeks special shout out goes to the one and only Jimbo for serving us daddy out of drag and a whole new kind of trade on that little drag competition show that you might have heard of….