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We love ourselves a bit of drag race and must admit we know basically every lyric to all of the Ru-mixes that have came out of the competition since All-Stars 2. After spending many hours listening to them, it felt right that we rank them from best to worst, or maybe it’s just due to the quarantine situation going on as we write this. Anyway, take this all with a pinch of salt and enjoy re-living all 10 performances!

12) Super Queen

Now, we have absolutely nothing against these queens (other than robbing Manila Luzon) but honestly, there was no other choice for the bottom of the pile. The song itself just isn’t particularly catchy in the first place, making it harder to try and create new lyrics for. Of the four, Monet does the best job at adapting to the track but it’s not enough of a saving grace to make us add this to any of our playlists. Sorry about it.

11) You don’t know me

So we’re not saying this one is particular bad, cos we actually really enjoyed Jan and Jada – it’s just that we don’t find ourselves searching for it on Spotify. This was definitely more of a visual moment that worked for the episode, but isn’t something you’d listen to whilst you’re getting ready for a night out.

10) Break Up (Bye Bye) – Filth Harmony

So this the first rendition of this track was alright, but let’s be real here, it’s not a contended for the top spot. The highlight of the track has to be hearing Cheryl Hole ad-lib, plus she had the chance to show off her choreography skills and would have easily placed high if she was on the winning team. For some reason, the video isn’t available so here’s the audio.

9) Sitting On A Secret

The first of the two girl group options in AS3 definitely has a catchy girl band overtone and it was absolutely in our playlist for a while, but it does place in the lower/middle of the pack. The verses upon reflection aren’t all that exciting – though we always have a special place in our hearts for Milk’s utter stupidity (plus that outfit!). We also feel that Aja should never have been on Drag Race, she’s a whole different type of artist and way better off the show!

8) American

Quite a catchy little number this one and we definitely enjoyed some of the choreography moments, other than Eureka, who just kinda kicks her legs a bit. It was nice to hear Kameron and Asia express themselves more and this is definitely quite fun to hear on a night out. Big shout out to Aquaria for turning looks and stuntin pretty!

7) Queens Everywhere

So now we’re getting to the middle-ground and these are all on our playlist at this point. Being honest, this one was tough to place as we enjoyed Akeria, Brooke, Vanjie and Yvie but simply had no time for Silky by the top 4. Admittedly, some of the choreo was a bit sketchy in this one, which is why it was a toss up between this and American – but Yvie’s verse and movement topped it for us. Also, Miss Vanjie Vanjie Vanjie bitch!

6) Drag Up Your Life

So the second of the AS3 girl groups definitely gave us Spice Girls realness and something with extra levels of fun. Each of the kitty personalities are enjoyable, in particular we all know that Trixie and Dela nailed this one. What we can’t possibly deny though is how catchy “Ratatatititata, yeah I’m pussy bitch” truly is, well done Bebe. For the pure fun alone, this had to be further up the list. Sadly we don’t seem to be able to find the performance on Youtube, but here’s the audio.

5) Kitty Girl

When it comes to AS3 we have a few problems, mainly the top 4 being totally wrong, we all know that Aja and Dela (though it was her own choice) should have replaced Bebe and Kennedy. With that said however, this still made for a very catchy Ru-Mix that definitely has us singing and dancing whether it’s in our rooms or at the club. It’s also pretty much impossible to not appreciate Shangela’s moves and Trixie swinging that bat.

4) I’m That Bitch

Good morning campers! Yes, this one would probably place high pure based upon GiGi Goode alone – but in general we found it a very fun song and appreciate that it was done at the start of the season, showcasing those we nay not have had a chance to see later on. From hints of French, a shout-out to mum and a load of fierce choreography – it’s easy to see why this one places toward the top.

3) Category Is

The opening shot has one of our favourite dancers from the show, so that always made us a little biased here. Now we know that Trinity’s verse is without a doubt questionable, but c’mon it is kinda funny. Peppermint serves us a fierce intro with a nod to the other girls and Sasha follows it up by sticking to her cooky unique style which had already won us over throughout the season as a whole. The true MVP though is Shae, with a combination of savage lyrics and unquestionable moves she quite literally knocks this one out of the park.

2) Break Up (Bye Bye) – Frock Destroyers

What can we say, so many parts of the Frock Destroyers edition get stuck in our head and on a daily basis we find ourselves saying “that is much betta”, “get the frock outta my way” or even just attempting a whilst tone. Not only is the track terribly catchy, it also have a dance routine that we’ve all learned and line up on the dance floor to show off. We’re very proud of the UK queens and were very pleasantly surprised at just how amazing this was.

1) Read U Wrote U

Was this ever not going to shoot straight to the top of the list really? Even the worst part of this song somehow manages to be ridiculously additive, we all know what every now and again our brains just start singing “I’m Roxxxy Andrews and I’m hear to make it clear”. From the iconic D to the E to the T to the O to the HOLD IT……X to Alaska’s filth-infused wizard of Oz reference, who hasn’t been addicted since day one? The stand out of course though is resident Russian hooker, Ms Zamolodchikova – our dad’s are still calling her Katya to this day. Bravo ladies, bravo – you’re all winners baby!

We can’t wait for more of these and honestly hope that we one day get a performance that manages to outdo Read U Wrote U – our bodies are fully ready for it. Feel free to let us know if you agree/disagree with our choices in the comments!

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