Queeriosity: in review



So the fabulous Donna Trump put on an amazing 4-hour drag show with more talented creatures than we ever imagined would be gracing our screens on a Saturday night. There was comedy, drama, fashion and much more, with the bonus being that half of the donations are being provided to the fabulous Mermaids charity, supporting youths who struggle with gender identity issues. You can catch the full show over on Donna’s Twitch page but for now, here are our top 10 performances (in no particular order of course!)

Choriza May – Chanel

Yes we know, big shock that we loved our favourite Spanish tart but c’mon, can you blame us? Serving us a mixture of comedy, reveals, drama and outright stupidity with a special cameo from Homer/Ian – this was truly a blessing!

Rococo Chanel – The Laughing Cow

Did we ever think we would see a promotional cow turned into an operatic drag performance with a dollop of social commentary on animal cruelty? No. Are we absolutely stunned by it? Yes. Thank you Rococo Chanel.

Lucky Stiff – It’s all coming back to us now

So this absolute stunner comes along and gives us a dramatic rendition of Celine Dion with plenty of mood lighting, lip syncing and air grabbing moments. The make up and dress are gorgeous and garden dramatics are the new night club- we’re the lucky ones!

Juno Birch – She’s not a Christian!

It’s not surprise that this beautiful Birch made it onto the list, has she ever done anything that wasn’t amazing? Well here’s a throwback to the classic UnGodless vine with a portion of production value and an extra side of humour. #Fabulous

Kate Butch: Tracy Beaker

Let’s be real, we’ve all watched a that frizzy haired little troublemaker trying to escape the dumping ground. Well in comes Kate to drag her up, make her much more amusing and throw us right back to when we were young – so much fun and daft as hell.

Andro Gin – Your clown posse is on fire

Starting us off with a stunning silhouette, Andro introduces us to a music box style number. Totally subtle hints of flame show us flashes of the outfit and things quickly turn crazy when we get psycho clown realness and a totally camp moment. This is as stupid as it is terrifying, we love it.
(No IG vid – starts here at 19:55)

Quiches Lorraine – BBC is Hallucinating

We’re a little obsessed with the Dua Lipa/BBC News mash-up so you can imagine our excitement when Quiches appears and the beat kicks in. An absolutely daft performance from start to finish and we really enjoyed it.

Pork Pie – It’s raining men

In case you haven’t guessed, we really enjoy a bit of silly comedy and Pork Pie absolutely gave us that. From weather props and sauce puns to bathing with a cocktail, this has camp written all over it and we are into it.

Bambi Banks-Couleé – Honey

Stunning visuals, costume changes and a whole lot of dramatic lighting from Chicago’s princess – absolutely sign us up. Bambi served us the perfect level of diva goodness and the real gag is seeing honey dripping down that gorgeous face – art and beauty for your damn nerve.

Cherry Liquor – Dory?

We all know that Dory is one of the most adorable characters in Disney history, so watching her brought to life for a truly hilarious drag performance was just fantastic. So many funny moments and we won’t spoil anything, but she finds Nemo in the end……
(Not on IG yet – starts at 53:47 here)

Special shout out: Donna Trump (Duh)

Alongside organising the whole show in the first place, Donna brought us a great little number about their identity which provided a combination of comedy, drama and some cute moments where we get to see little Donna.

You can still donate to the fabulous performers and wonderful Mermaids charity via PayPal – whether it’s a small or large amount, it will be appreciated.

We’re looking forward to seeing what comes next and we know you are too, keep an eye out!