Rain on me – the collab we never knew we needed?



We’re sure by now that everyone has heard about the Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande track expected for release some time in April, but so far it doesn’t seem that we’ve even got a snippet to let us know what it’s going to sound like.

Our queeriosity is getting the best of us right now as we really don’t know what this one is going to sound like! Ari has been switching things up with her musical style with each album and we all know Gaga is basically the perfect combination or alien and chameleon – meaning we could get anything from a stunning ballad, to a powerful female anthem right through to a super catchy pop bop. What we’re personally hoping for right now is somewhere between Ari’s “Into You” and Gaga’s latest anthem “Stupid Love” to give us the life we need right now.

Oh and can we please get the full album art for Chromatica already?! (Yes, we’re being greedy gays!)

Check out the Stupid Love video for now and let us know what you’re expecting from “Rain on me” in the comments below!

Feature image credit: Chuff Media Official Press Pack