Ru Paul’s Trade Race



So just like the rest of ya’ll, we’re thirsty folk here at BWD and we know ourselves a good bit of trade when we see it. For a bit of fun we’re taking a journey through drag race to see who grabbed our attention the most out of drag, here’s 10 stunners in no particular order (and one per season limit)!

Phi Phi O Hara (Season Four)

Not only did this bitch bring the drama, he also brought the beauty and there’s no way we could deny that Jaremi Carey is one handsome man.

Ivy Winters (Season 5)

C’mon, we all know that as soon as we saw Ivy out of drag we totally fancied Dustin – more adorable than typical trade but an absolute beauty.

Milk (Season 6)

When we first saw pinocchihoe strut into the werk room we didn’t know what to expect but damn, we were not disappointed to see Daniel Donigan in all his handsome glory. Dairy, it do a body good gurl.

Pearl (Season 7)

Is there something on my face? Why yes Matthew Lent there is, a whole load of beauty. From the side fade to the stunning eyes and nose ring in-between, we couldn’t resist the charm of Pearl.

Laila McQueen (Season 8)

So the stint on the season may have been short lived, but the second we all saw that booty we knew we weren’t gonna forget it. Tyler is known for posting some good ol’ thirst traps online and damn, we are fully here for it. (P.S you’re welcome)

Kimora Blac (Season 9)

Not only serving looks and giving us a good laugh with her stupidity, Von was serving stun out of the drags too. Another short lived arc on the show, but we ain’t gonna forget here any time soon.

Kameron Michaels (Season 10)

We’re not even sure the whole “I auditioned for pit crew” thing was even a joke cos let’s be fully real, Dane Young is one fine ass man. That body is definitely the result of many visits to the gym and will have caused many a thirsty though among drag race fans. Top 3 – more like top me! (That was awful)

Brooke Lynne Hytes (Season 11)

It’s time for some Canadian bacon! That’s right, it wasn’t just Miss Vaaaanjie who noticed that Brock was a fine piece of ass out of drag. A tall, handsome dancer? Yes please. (You’re welcome, again)

Jackie Cox (Season 12)

Admittedly this one was tough cos Rock M is without a doubt trade, but there’s just something about Ms Cox (if you’re naughty) that does it for us. This Persian beauty is serving princess AND prince, we honestly think Darius is one of the most handsome out of drag queens we’ve witnessed so far.

Crystal (UK Drag Race Season 1)

Finally, the end this damn thirsty list we have the trade of the first UK season and we all know Crystal/Colin was an absolute treat to see in the werk room. There’s something about that tuft of chest hair, the jawline and those eyes that we can’t resist. Even in clown face, this bish is still hot as hell.

Now everyone go for a cold shower and when you’re done go ru-watch your fave season of drag race!