Spotlight: ANK



GURL: Give our readers a little introduction?

ANK: Hello world, I’m Ank, I’m an Argentine drag queen/hyperking/cosplayer living in Santiago, Chile.

GURL: Where did the passion for drag come from?

ANK: My passion comes from the geek and nerdy things that I liked as a kid, all channelled through makeup.

GURL: The life of a fabulous queer person then really, we love it.

GURL: Is there a particular artist that inspires you?

ANK: I am inspired by illustrators like Peter Mohrbacher and his angelarium, but between the artists that I like a lot, I can mention Sasha Velour, I feel that she as a drag queen and artist is phenomenal in everything she does

GURL: Those illustrations are amazing, we’re so glad you mentioned Peter and of course we agree that Sasha is a truly talented icon.

GURL: Do you have sewing/wardrobe skills in addition to your makeup?

ANK: Yes, I started doing Cosplay and creating my outfits from scratch, And in that way I learned how to sew and make crafts, props and scenography.

GURL: That’s great, we love a crafty artist for sure and it seems you’ve got a fantastic set of skills under your belt.

GURL: Could you share a look or two that really shows your true personality? 

ANK: Sure! (See below)

GURL: We get pure beauty and grace with a side order of fierce and a splash of sass – you look incredible <3

GURL: Do you have a drag family or close sisters?

ANK: Omg yes! The house of Cpher, a house that we created together with my closest friends and that I can say are my Chilean family and I love each one of them!

GURL: That is one of he most beautiful family pictures we’ve ever seen, you’re all stunners.

GURL: Do you have any interest in competing in Drag Race or Dragula?

ANK: At the moment I feel that neither of the two competitions fits my profile, I think I would feel much more comfortable in a competition like “Glow Up”, although I don’t close myself to any possibility

GURL: Oh we would love to see you on the Glow Up, absolutely no doubt you’d fully nail it and take the win with those skills.

GURL: How do you normally spend time when you are not doing drag?

ANK: Most of the time watching series and playing video games with my boyfriend Cpher, we are a couple of Disney nerds and if we are not working we are sharing with the house, I am very much to stay at home that is the truth

GURL: You sound just like us! Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of gaming and a good sofa moment with a magical Disney moment?

GURL: If you could perform anywhere in the world, what is your number one option?

ANK: I would love to perform on stage in front of Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World, that would be a dream come true!! 

GURL: Okay so we’re trying to manifest this into the world……

GURL: Random Question: If you were a Disney princess, which one would you be?

ANK: I don’t fit in very well with a specific princess but I think it would be a mix between Merida’s temperament, Bella’s intelligence and Rapunzel’s artistic abilities.

GURL: Now that’s a mighty powerful princess right there, a great combo.

GURL: What should we expect from you in the future?

ANK: A lot! Because I have always thought that the sky is the limit and I always try to mutate to surprise and not get stuck.

GURL: In closing, could you give us 3 fabulous people to follow?

ANK: I would like to name Cpher, Cotee Miller and Prism

GURL: All beautiful people and ones to follow for sure <3

It goes without saying that you should follow Ank right away!

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