Spotlight: Ashley Fox



GURL: Give us a little introduction?

Ashley: Hey my names Ashley Fox I’m 21 years of age and come from London, I have been doing drag since I was 12 so nearly 10 years.

GURL: Where did your drag name originate from?

Ashley: My drag name comes from my boy name which is Ashley and Fox came from m e writing names down one night and I heard a fox out side my house screaming, now I don’t know if it was fighting of having sex but I decided there and then to call myself fox. I did go through a faze of calling myself Baby Fox but got bored of it very fast.

GURL: Do you have a drag family?

Ashley: I do have a drag family which is my drag Haus The Haus of Fox. we are not a very big family but we all love each other and talk everyday.

GURL: We’re firm believers that size doesn’t matter – it’s all about the quality <3

GURL: Which of your looks is your fave so far?

Ashley: I love all the looks I do as I out all my heart and time into them there isn’t one thing on my looks I don’t think through and plan.

GURL: You always look incredible tbf so it pays off!

GURL: Which drag race challenges would you excel at?

Ashley: If I was on RuPauls I think would excel at a sewing, singing, acting, dance and makeover challenge. not being big headed but I’m good haha

GURL: Sounds like we need to get you on the next season so you can snatch that crown!

GURL: Do you have a top bop right now?

Ashley: At the moment my Top Bop has to be anything Cher as she’s everything haha. if not Cher then Lady GaGa Stupid love.

GURL: We love ourselves a bit of Cher so we’ll go classic – but we’ll post your Gaga look for good measure!

GURL: Outside of drag, what is your favourite thing to do?

Ashley: Out of drag I like to relax and keep myself grounded as much as possible as self care is very important, I also like to spend time with my friends and just enjoy life as much as I can.

GURL: Is there somewhere in the world you’d love to explore?

Ashley: I would love to travel the world with my drag and show everyone what I can do. I work my ass off with my work and want people to see that on bigger level.

GURL: Fingers crossed you’ll get the chance to do some exploring and introduce the world to yourself!

GURL: Which bar do you enjoy performing in the most?

Ashley: My favourite venue to perform at atm is a small venue in Scotland called Hemelvaart Bier Café, its a small venue but always full of lovely staff and people and always a camp time. when I was younger I had chances to perform is some major venues in the west end such as the London palladium, saddlers wells, the phoenix theatre just to name a few. and not so long ago I got to perform with my good Judy Jenny Ryan from the Chase on celebrity X-factor.

GURL: Sometimes the smaller bars can be the most fun, especially if the people running it are babes. Oh and we absolutely adore Jenny, there’s a reason she’s named the Vixen – daymn!

GURL: Could you recommend 3 fabulous creatures for us to follow?

Ashley: 3 people I think you should follow are my drag child Dunah, my drag sister Lourde Godd and another one of my drag children Violet Vixen.

GURL: Consider it done, we love ourselves a fabulous drag family <3

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