Spotlight: Boo La Croux



GURL: Give us a little introduction to yourself? 

Boo: Hi I’m The Queen from no scene, Boo La Croux. I’m 35 and I’m a pageant/look queen from Herefordshire, land of cider and floods.

GURL: What was your inspiration for starting drag?

Boo: My inspiration to start came from watching RuPaul‘s drag race, the early seasons. I think five was the season I was watching when I started to dabble, but I’d always had a fascination with Too Wong Foo, thanks for everything! Julie Numar, starring Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes. I used to get this out on VHS every Friday when I was a kid, so it immediately made a connection when I started doing drag

GURL: What an iconic season 5 was, you chose a fab time to start having a go at drag yourself without a doubt. It’s great to hear as well that you’ve connected the dots to when you were younger with such a classic film.

GURL: You’re part of a drag pageant right, tell us about that?

Boo: I certainly am, Miss Drag UK 2021. I was in the 2020 pageant which due to the current situation was cancelled, but we’re back for 2021 under strict COVID-19 filming guidelines. The pageant does great work for charities like Abigail’s footsteps and Mind LGBTQI+ on the lead up to the pageant through appearances and fundraising. We then attend the pageant and we we do three looks and a performance, with three crowns to win; Miss Drag UK , Miss publicity and Miss charity.

GURL: Sounds like a fantastic pageant and definitely the kind of thing we all need in our lives right now, we’re rooting for you!

GURL: What kinda things have you got planned to help you snatch the crown?

Boo: My plan of attack for this year was determination and preparation, with lots of time and effort getting appearances and raising awareness of my causes. My plan for the pageant is jaw dropping looks that will leave the judges wanting more and a performance to match!

GURL: We’re so excited to see what you’re gonna gag the judges with and you know you’ll be doing a little cheer routine for our Boo <3

GURL: You’ve done a lot of drag the last year,  what has been your favourite look?

Boo: OMG I’ve got into so much geish over lockdowns, it’s really helped me and given me a focus. My favourite look has to be my daffodil look, the colour yellow makes me so happy and to see the growth makes me so proud of how far Boo has come.

GURL: It’s been great to see you blossom and you do look absolutely gorgeous in yellow so obviously we fully approve

GURL: Would you like to have a drag daughter?

Boo: I actually have 2 drag daughters; Electra (my first) has come such a long way pushing through her autism to become a fabulous queen and I’m so proud of her. My Second daughter Storm hasn’t long been born but showing a lot of talent early on.

GURL: We can totally picture as a caring mother, lifting your daughters up and encouraging them to express their talents to the world

GURL: Do you make a lot of your own outfits? 

Boo: Well there’s one thing I think the lockdown did for me and that was giving me the time to teach myself to sew. It turns out she be quite good and wow, I really feel like it’s pushed my drag to a new level.

GURL: We did see that beautiful pink number you created recently, it’s gorgeous.

GURL: What’s the first thing you want to do post lockdown?

Boo: Post lockdown for me, the three P’s: Primark, Party and People! Hugs all around please.

GURL: We’re totally there with you, just want to have some cocktails and share the love with all our beautiful friends again

GURL: How are you spending your time outside of drag?

Boo: Out of drag I’m so fortunate to live on a farm so spending time looking after my animals and eating up as many series on Netflix as possible 

GURL: Give us a random fact about you?

Boo: I once nearly had my finger bitten off by a crocodile

GURL: Now there’s something you don’t hear everyday…..we’re glad it was only a “nearly” though and you’re not down a finger.

GURL: What are your goals for 2021?

Boo: My goals for 2021 are to turn my passion into a career and snatch a crown for Herefordshire

GURL: Which 3 of your fellow drag stars would you recommend we follow?

Boo: Ryburk gives me that ohhhh ahhh sensation, Lleddir is stun stun stunning and Axel Andrews‘ (child of Roxxy) drag is sublime (plus phwoarrrr!).

GURL: That’s a whole bunch of fantastic people and we fully encourage all of them being followed immediately!

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