Spotlight: Carmen Monoxide



GURL: To kick things off, give us a little introduction to yourself? 

Carmen: Ello Daalings! I’m Carmen Monoxide and I live in Bristol. I’ve been told I’m a breath of phresh air, I’m rarely ever silent but always deadly and I’m a gas when you get to know me ;D

GURL: Where does your drag name come from? 

Carmen: Being an illustrative artist I grew up very inspired by Manga and fantasy art. I see Carmen as my comic book alter ego, part Hollywood vamp, part modern chic, part inter-dimensional mermaid who washes up on the beach during spring break to assassinate bad vibes. I felt my name should reflect that and have some humour so everyone can get in on the joke. 

GURL: When did you realise that drag was right for you?

Carmen: Since the day I sashayed out of the womb, hahah! I was running around in dresses since I could run but drag didn’t dawn on me until I was about 18 and moved out of rural Somerset to the big city… well big-ish…

GURL: Who is your biggest idol?

Carmen: Hmmm, if I could roll The Little Mermaid, Lara Croft, Charlie’s Angels, Grace Jones, Britney and every female Anime/ Wrestling character into one – that’d be her. 

GURL: We……we need to see that now.

GURL: Is there a performance you’re just itching to do?

Carmen: O2 Arena, baby!! I’m foremost a singer/producer and I’d always had a dream of walking into a stage like that and it being my tour! So far I’ve hit up the O2 academy, that’s not far off…. right?

GURL: Top bop at the moment?

Carmen: JoJo – Sabotage (and pretty much everything she comes out with)

GURL: Well this is cute, she’s matured so much!

GURL: If you had to kaikai with one queen, who would it be?

Carmen: Katya Zamolodchikova, and I tell you there’d be a lot of ruffs, contortion, ululating and trippers involved

GURL: Let us know when the OnlyFans comes out, we’ll be straight on it!

GURL: What would be your last meal on earth if you got to choose?

Carmen: I’ve always wanted to just TEAR into a lobster like Daryl Hannah in splash. 

GURL: Who would you be if you were a superhero?

Carmen: Sailor Coon- I mean- Moon always and forever! However, in a bad mood, Jean Gray – when she’s full psycho, pull you apart atom by atom Phoenix realness!

GURL: So we now need Sailor Coon to be a series :’) Phoenix is definitely a mood.

GURL: Which three of your fellow artists should we follow?

Carmen: My drag twin and fellow Chocolate City Sister Dominique Fleek! She’s an amazing performer and makeup artist as well as the Yang to my Yin.

Delirium – An AFAB drag feminist icon who has breathed the breath of life into Bristols drag scene with the family Slaughterhaus!

And technically they’re two people but Bad vs Evil Theatre who devise the most fabulously side-splitting plays I’ve ever seen!

GURL: Well damn, we need to get ourselves down to Bristol, ya’ll are some fierce creatures!

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