Spotlight: Casta Hex



GURL: Give us a little introduction to yourself?

Casta: Greetings from the abyss! My name is Casta Hex, born in the year 1692 (died 1955) I’m your friendly neighbourhood time travelling wicked witch living in Essex. I’m a genuine Pagan, a seamstress/textile artist in the costume department for film/TV. Not forgetting a drag artist specialising in cabaret-style lipsyncs to anything from country and western to gothic rock. My sweet spot is for sure musical theatre. Oh and I love a tall broad guy with a nice…big…wand.

GURL: Aren’t we all looking for that kinda guy, seriously? Straight off the bat (totally unintentional pun) let’s plug some of your creations!

GURL: Where did the inspiration for your drag aesthetic come from?

Casta: My drag aesthetic is all over the place ahahahah. I like to truly transform each time…one day I could be a slinky bond villain with a scar over my eye and a ruby red lip, or a hideous witch from a fairytale illustration…or a horror movie icon. For me that alteration of persona, that chameleon-ness of drag is what fascinates me…its like magical shapeshifting. Saying that I’m becoming more and more inspired by the 18th Century and I’ve got some gorgeous gowns in the works for upcoming drag conventions lol.

GURL: We love ourselves a magical drag chameleon, who doesn’t want to enjoy a whole variety of looks and performances right?! Absolutely living for these tbh.

GURL: How long have you been in the business? 

Casta: I’ve been doing drag for almost 2 and a half years but only performing in it for just over a year. Before that I studied theatre at school and always loved it, but I lacked confidence as my boy alter ego…but as Casta I shine – she’s my better (albeit darker) side.

GURL: Give us a few name drops – who have you worked with?

Casta: Well…having only been performing for a year the list isn’t huge lol. But I’ve performed in shows featuring Blu Hydrangea, Baga Chipz and recently I was featured in the haus of Black’s digital edition of their weekly show ‘Creature Feature’ which fulfilled a bucket list dream for me. I also do costume commissions for people…headdresses and embroidered items mainly; I’ve worked with Blu Hydrangea, Louisianna Purchase, Virgin Extravaganza, Victoria Elizabeth Black AANNNDD I’m in collaboration with Misty Couture (go check them out) who I work with doing embroidered corsets that MAY in the near future be on some rather big names..

GURL: Just one or two casually famous folk then aye? Some fabulous names in that list – we’ve got such a massive soft spot for Blu, that’s shady little creature of joy <3

GURL: What has been your favourite creation so far?

Casta: Ummm I’d have to say my favourite creation so far has to be my vampire gown/headdress. I was inspired by the remake of Dracula and the Regency period. The whole gown cost less than £50 to make! its all recycled cotton bed sheets overlaid with a cheap chiffon that I hand beaded with pearls from broken necklaces.The thing that makes it look high-end is just the care and attention put into it…plus the breakdown which I think REALLY makes it look like I’ve stepped out of a crypt. Plus that rhinestoned bat wing headdress is SUCH a strong silhouette.

GURL: You look like you’re about to eat your third husband and use his cash to buy a brand new coffin for your holiday home in Transylvania…..we’re into it!

GURL: What are you long term drag goals?

Casta: Long term goals I’d have to say is ultimately Drag race UK…I applied to season 2 and I know I can improve on last years tape ahahaha. Aside from that I’d love to enter (and win) Lipsync 1000, and I’d love to perform with the black haus in person…or support some more Dragula and Drag race gals.

GURL: You get to perform one song at Superbowl half time – what do you choose?

Casta: Ooh…My favourite song in the world is ‘Seven Wonders’ by Fleetwood /mac, BUT my song to perform would probably be ‘Last midnight’ from ‘Into the woods’. I’d love to wear my huge purple ballgown and belt it live. I’m trying to start live singing in shows so that’d give me a goal to work towards (in my dreams of course.)

GURL: We’re totally going for a bit of Stevie Nicks right now, in particular when she revealed herself as a witch on AHS cos we all know it’s now acting! (We’d watch you doing Last Midnight too)

GURL: Do you have a top Netflix recommendation right now?

Casta: Netflix wise I’m super into true crime-or anything with great costumes…So I’d suggest ‘The Alienist’ Its a whodunnit set in 1890’s New York and features a storyline about a murderer killing male prostitutes. Its a really tender reflection of gay life in the Victorian era and is super sad, mysterious and downright scary at times…plus the costumes are some of the best I’ve seen lately-great hats!

GURL: Give us a totally random fact about yourself out of drag?

Casta: Hmmmmm…I’m a great cook, I love to make risotto, curry, pastas, baking…I also make soaps and incense-I never stop making random shite.

GURL: So you need to start sending us care packages, just saying <3

GURL: Finally, which 3 of your drag friends should we follow?

Casta: This is tough! I’d say for sure my drag parent Eileen Bothways, they’re intelligent,sexy and a great representation of why non cis-men should be considered for Drag race. Definitely Amanda Bang – they’re my Canterbury glitterbomb sis and we get on really well. They’re a great agony aunt and has I think THE best and slickest makeup on the UK drag scene. Last but not least I’d say to check out the Dragpunk and Glitterfye families – they’re an amazing bunch of artists that really represent ‘ALT’ drag, they’re creative, powerful and REALLY supportive of new comers to the scene.

Thanks for having me…Ah crap I left some newt’s eyes on the stove!!! Gotta fly now!

GURL: A wonderful bunch of people to follow there, we know a few of these creatures ourselves and can confirm they’re all amazing.

We hope you didn’t burn the eyes – catch you on the Ouija board!

You can find the fabulous Casta Hex over on Instagram below!

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