Spotlight: Charlie Rotten



GURL: Who are you? (Introductions)

Charlie: The names Charlie rotten, I’m 29 and I’m a bin raiding psychotic glamour ghoul from South Wales. UK.

GURL: When did you first start dabbling in the drag world?

Charlie: I use to style wigs for a local drag queen, I’d try them on at home and feel the fantasy. Haha. Then I thought I would give it ago. 

GURL: The true power of a hair flip is real and very much alive.

GURL: Which look has been your fave so far?

Charlie: Cable tie. corona virus look 

GURL: How you out here making corona look good?

GURL: How did you learn to do such fabulous make-up?

Charlie: I think with makeup, practice makes perfect. YouTube has everything you need to know to learn! their isn’t any rules with makeup, do what the fuck you want.

GURL: We could totally see you killing it on Dragula, would you apply?

Charlie: If I only I lived in the USA! I would of definitely. I love the Boulet brothers and what they stand for.  

GURL: Just make ’em send you a plane ticket, they wouldn’t regret it!

GURL: Which song is stuck in your head today?

Charlie: Lonely – Joel Corry

GURL: We’ve definitely danced around our bedrooms to this one a few times

GURL: Who would be your dream artist to work with?

Charlie: I’m obsessed with Blake Armstrong on Instagram. His art is amazing

GURL: Do you have any unusual interests?

Charlie: I don’t know, Peeing sitting down lol 

GURL: Who doesn’t enjoy a sitty down wee every now and again?

GURL: What part of the world would you love to introduce yourself to?

Charlie: I’d love to go America. I was born in Australia too, so I’d love to go back there. 

GURL: You’re stuck on an island with 3 other drag creatures, who would you want them to be?

Charlie: Biqtch puddin, she would hunt with me. Monique heart, she’s fun. Tailor green, if I’m going on a island, my sister is coming with me 

GURL: Well damn, that’s gonna be a fun island!

Go get your ghoul on!

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