Spotlight: Christian Gay



GURL: Introduction first, who are you for those who don’t know?

Christian: My name is Christian Gay, the camp and chaotic twisted mister of Birmingham!

GURL: Where does your passion for drag come from?

Christian: Honestly, my big brother was the initial spark. I’ve always been interested in queer history but didn’t fully understand what could come from drag until he exposed me to some of his favourite artists, and from there I did my own research and discovered drag kings. I would never have tried drag if it hadn’t been for The Leicester Vixens though. They’re a uni based burlesque group who performed at the bar where I worked and I became friends quickly and they encouraged me to take part. I thought it would be a one time thing to tick off the bucket list so I agreed to a Fifty Shades duet, which is where Christian Gay comes from. Safe to say, I caught the bug and after entering The Church of Yshee in 2018, it’s just been getting bigger and more exciting really, and having the support of my local community has really given me the confidence to pursue drag further! 

GURL: Sounds like a cute little journey to starting you’re drag career – we’re so glad you stuck with it!

GURL: What has been your favourite moment in drag so far?

Christian: This is a really tough question cause I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff! For the snatch game of a local competition I dressed up as Shrek and ate raw onion on the stage, which deffo got mixed reactions, I’ve been a Minotaur who’s torn his guts out, which also got mixed reactions, I’ve also grabbed a random audience member and “lady and the tramp’d” a sausage with them. My favourite part of drag will always be shock factor, getting an audible and unexpected reaction from the audience.

GURL: Raw onions are disgusting but who doesn’t love Shrek really? Your shows sound absolutely wild and we’re fully agree – shock factor makes for a darn good show.

GURL: Do you feel the digital era of drag is helping more styles of drag be widely recognised?

Christian: Absolutely. With the kind of variety shows popping up, it’s really amazing to see all the drags from all across the spectrum being represented and having the opportunity to perform and be seen & heard. It’s a revolution for the new drag artists as shows have been made more open to all abilities and people have the ability to put on their own shows which might not have been put on in the bars. Having said all that, I really miss live drag, I miss the rush of a real, in person audience. There is also always the issue of an over-saturated market whereby, because everyone is able to put their own shows on, scheduling, audience and (because of the reliance on tips) payment of artists can be really effected. 

GURL: Which look of yours did you have the most fun with? 

Christian: Oh gosh, another tricky one. I guess I’d have to say my Two Face number, as the first time I did it, I was stood in my friends living room, painting my entire left side pink. Yep, butt cheeks and all. 

GURL: That’s dedication right there, it’s only right that the cheeks get some attention really. Some great pics by Digital Mechanic!

GURL: You’re part of two amazing families in Queeriosity Cabaret and Drag Punk – who are you closest to within them?

Christian: I’m actually part of three amazing families; Kings n Things is mine and my drag brother Victor Velvet’s resident show that we host with my two drag kids! But yes, I’m blessed to be surrounded by incredibly creative, supportive and talented people! Donna Trump and The Vicar’s Daughter are completely my home away from home and are drag excellence in my eyes. But all of the Dragpunk family are so close and work extremely hard together to put on the quality shows that we put out there. It’s really a team effort and a group development of ideas, which is really rewarding.

GURL: Three families? You must have a crazy time for holidays and birthdays! You’re definitely surrounded by talent and having a strong family vibe is so important, we’re happy for you.

GURL: What’s your fave song right now?

Christian: I repeat cycles of my favourite songs all the time, like I will religiously listen to the same 2 or 3 songs for a couple of weeks and then change songs when I’ve played them to their death. I guess at the moment Hobo Johnson – Mover Awayer is up there.

GURL: Outside of drag, what kinda hobbies do you enjoy?

Christian: I’m just a big nerd really, I love video games and cartoons. I also love cult and crime documentaries so if you’ve any good ones, hit up my DMs

GURL: Does anyone in this world honestly not enjoy at least most of those? We expect an influx in DMs for you soon.

GURL: What does the future hopefully hold for you?

Christian: I think that’s a hard thing to say, but I can say I hope I have a financially successful enough career in drag to maybe get my own place, spend a long time with my gorgeous girlfriend and keep entertaining the masses one little gay bar at a time I guess! 

GURL: Give us three fellow drag artists to follow?

Christian: Follow my girlfriend and personal demon Sissypunk, my drag brother and all around talented chap Victor Velvet & a fairly new up-and-coming king who’s going to reach big things Harri Hooker Green

GURL: Done, done and done!

Mr Gay will see you now…..

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