Spotlight: Crayola



GURL: For the people in the back who don’t know, introduce yourself?

Crayola: Hi! I’m Crayola – London’s Queen of Colour! I am a Drag Queen, MC, singer, lip sync clown, and event producer. I was born in the US to British parents, but my accent is very much intact and it’s a big part of my onstage character and comedy. I like to inspire people and make them laugh, while also keeping it real and honest. It’s a hard balance to strike but I try my best! I love being Crayola because it lets me fill the world with sparkles, joy and colour!

GURL: When was Crayola born?

Crayola: Crayola was born about 3 years ago in a series of lip sync battles as part of an acting internship I was doing in Cincinnati, Ohio of all places!

GURL: What inspired the super vibrant colours?

Crayola: The name was originally Crayola DeVil, but I quickly realised that I am not really a villain so the pun name didn’t really work. Crayola on its own though helped me unlock some essential parts of my energy and inner world. The colour, playfulness, childish mischief and unbridled joy are what I love to give my audiences.

GURL: The name was hilarious but we fully agree, you’re not a villain type at all – too lovely for that!

GURL: Have you got a favourite number to perform?

Crayola: I have a few, but I definitely perform my non-binary anthem Faggoty more than any other song!

GURL: How have you found doing IG live shows so far?

Crayola: Weird! My style of comedy is very improvisational and riffs off of what is going on in the room. It’s really hard to do that just staring at a camera and a feed of comments! But I’m making it work.

GURL: You’ve been doing an amazing job of it, always making people smile and laugh.

GURL: Favourite bop right now?

Crayola: Stupid Love by Lady Gaga, Six from Six The Musical and Say So by Doja Cat are my top 3 right now.

GURL: Three great choices, let’s get a little bit of Doja up in here!

GURL: Which crayon best represents you?

Crayola: The Classic Red one! It’s my favourite colour (don’t tell the rest…)

GURL: If Crayola was a cocktail, what are the ingredients?

Crayola: 1 part distilled sunshine, 2 parts rainbow juice, a shot of glitter, garnish with a hug and a smile

GURL: That’s a super camp and fun cocktail right there, sign us up for a few rounds!

GURL: Where do you hope to perform next?

Crayola: On National TV! To be honest, my dream would be to have my own chat show like Graham Norton or Ellen.

GURL: You can recommend us two fellow performers, who are they?

Crayola: Prinx Chiyo and Tito Bone are doing some incredible work at the moment

GURL: Oh we’re totally following those awesome kings already, we recommend everyone does the same!

You can follow this fabulous human drag crayon over on Instagram

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