Spotlight: Crystal Lubrikunt



GURL: For those who don’t know, who are you?

Crystal: Hello lovie! My name is Crystal Lubrikunt, an international, self-proclaimed talentless man in a wig!

GURL: What made you turn to the world of drag?

Crystal: Peer pressure in all honesty, I was studying the art of mime within my first year of university in 2012 and classmates encouraged me to do drag to the point I just went for it and Christ am I glad I did.

GURL: What has been your favourite number to perform thus far?

Crystal: My favourite number to perform is always my Adele number.

GURL: Well damn, we’re totally into this! We loved your Twenty One Pilots mix at DragWorld too!

GURL: If you were going to recreate a drag race runway, which would you choose?

Crystal: The one where they allow all drags on and not just cis Males or trans performers who had to halt their transitions.

GURL: Somewhere in a dark room, RuPaul is quaking (or maybe shaking from too much weed)

GURL: Do you have any drag children?

Crystal: I do! I have one but she is enough for me now and makes me so so proud. Her name is Rougie, she has worked her way to the top of and dominates the scene down in Bournemouth and is slowly – but ever so surely – stomping her way all over. She brings so much joy with her drag I am nothing but proud.

GURL: The make-up is stunning, we’ll add her to our list of queens to see live!

GURL: Where did the name originate from?

Crystal: I took my time creating my persona and the name also, but it honestly hit me one day and I have always loved its promiscuous tone, how it rolls off the tongue and is totally unforgettable.

GURL: What’s your favourite bop right now?

Crystal: My favourite bop right now is ‘Sport’ by rock n roll, feminist punk band DREAMWIFE.

GURL: This is hella catchy and we love ourselves some powerful divas!

GURL: If Crystal was a drink, what would she be?

Crystal: A dairy free & thicc milkshake you’d need to eat with a spoon.

GURL: We would love to eat you with a spoon, you’re a treat!

GURL: Who would be your dream partner to perform with?

Crystal: I’ve had a tonne of amazing stage collaborations thus far in my career from Sasha Velour, Chiyo, AJA to Shakona Fire, Scarlet Envy, Lagoona Bloo and more but to name a few I’d love to collaborate with Coco Peru, Dickie Beau, Travis Alabanza, Mx Viv, Tatianna, Landon Cider, there are so many artists I respect and love that I’d be honoured to collaborate with.

GURL: All well deserved, would fully love to see you do a comedy number with Coco Peru or a fierce dance-off with Ms Tati <3

GURL: Recommend us a fellow performer to follow?

Crystal: I recommend everyone to follow, experience & listen to Travis Alabanza. They are the voice of the future to me

GURL: Going over to check Travis out right now!

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