Spotlight: Dolly Trolley



GURL: Give those who don’t know you a little introduction?

Dolly: It’s Dolly as in Parton and Trolley as in shopping, often found in supermarket car parks at 3am and waiting to be whisked away for no more than the insertion of a £1 coin. In a drag and burlesque performer based in London, known for my cabaret performances, brunch shows, and Drag Aerobics classes.

GURL: What was your first ever performance in drag?

Dolly: March 2017 at Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I did a 10 minute lipsync parody act. It was a portrayal of Princess Leia’s renouncement of men, because Han Solo is an a***hole

GURL: Do you have a drag sidekick?

Dolly: Not a sidekick, but an assistant. The secret star of my live streamed Drag Aerobics classes is #Susan (aka my flatmate Clare) who sits just out of shot and plays my music, but has her own fan club.

GURL: If Dolly was a supershero, who would it be?

Dolly: Anyone, as long as I get to wear a leotard

GURL: We would never dream of taking the leotard away!

GURL: So drag aerobics, what inspired that genius idea?

Dolly: It’s a class I’ve been running in Shoreditch for just over a year with Ginger Phlappage (Party with Ginger), which was a classic drunken idea that we turned into a reality. When social distancing measures began, my first thought was to still put on the class for our regulars, but its taken off and we now have people participating around the world.

GURL: We absolutely love it, has us an absolute sweaty mess with a smile on our faces!

GURL: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Dolly: Lady Gaga is my queen

GURL: Yaaaaas Gaga!

GURL: What’s your favourite bop right now?

Dolly: Dua Lipa’s physical is my anthem right now

GURL: We are fully living for this, especially the work-out edition of course 😉

GURL: Where would you love to perform that you haven’t already?

Dolly: Super Bowl halftime show would be camp.

GURL: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Dolly: To adhere to social distancing measures and stay at least 2 metres away from anybody else

GURL: Too. Damn. Real.

GURL: You get to recommend 2 fabulous performers, who are they?

Dolly: Cynthia Seaward is my sister in drag and a hilarious comedy, lipsyncer and parody songstress and famous for her performance about teapots. Mark Anthony is the sparkliest drag king in London aka the rhinestone king, and is an incredible burlesque performer and epitome of a heartthrob.

GURL: Awww we already had a soft spot for Mark and we’ll have to get to know Cynthia too!

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