Spotlight: Elizabeth Crawford



GURL: Give us an introduction to yourself in no more than 30 words?

Elizabeth: Hello Ghouls I am Elizabeth Crawford the Vintage Glamour Ghoul. I was birthed In Newcastle in 2017, flew the nest to live in Brighton and now back home again to spread glamour like a virus. 

GURL: Where did your love for drag originate?

Elizabeth: That’s an interesting question! When I think back to when I very first started drag and why I wanted to do it, it was because I felt like an outcast. I didn’t have many true friends and always felt too weird for everyone. I saw Drag Race as a 14 year old and realised I wasn’t too weird at all everyone else is just boring! Over time seeing very glamorous strong women from the past made me want to emulate them in any way I could.

GURL: Sounds like something a lot of people could relate too, hopefully not as much in modern times, but having that queer exposure and strong role models is key.

GURL: Is there a story behind your name?

Elizabeth: I am in love with Old Hollywood and the glamour and controversy of it all. I am particularly interested in Old Hollywood Stars that weren’t all what they portrayed themselves to be and had a dark and mysterious personal life when the cameras were not rolling. I made my name from two Old Hollywood legends and my personal favourites Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford. These two Women are what made me fall in love with Old Hollywood and all things Spooky.

GURL: And what a pair of absolute icons they are too, a fab combo if you ask us.

GURL: What would you say your best skills are as a drag artist?

Elizabeth: I’m very interested in visuals and I would say coming up with concepts is my greatest skill. I am constantly being inspired. My performance style is Burlesque meets comedy but always spooky. A lot of people don’t know this about me because I am quite shy but I also happen to be quite good on a microphone and I really enjoy hosting and engaging a crowd.

GURL: You’ve definitely got some tricks under your belt that’s for sure and we all know the power of drag – turning those shy queer kids into absolute monsters!

GURL: Do you have a drag family or close circle at all?

Elizabeth: I am a Drag Orphan! I started off on my own but overtime I have built strong friendships with many other Drag Artists. There are far too many to name but I hold them all very close to my heart.

GURL: Sometimes friendship ends up being the best family, the most important thing is that you have the support and plenty of love.

GURL: Is it safe to say you’re a bit of a horror fan?

Elizabeth: Just a little bit! I think Horror allows me to be the most creative and I don’t feel like I am in a box. Plus Vampira…. That’s all.

GURL: Amen to that!

GURL: Which of your looks did you have the most fun creating so far?

Elizabeth: I have so many looks coming up that I am so excited about however the one I had the most fun creating so far was probably my leopard print ‘666’ look. I have never felt more glamorous.

GURL: This casual little look? We thought you were just going for a trip to Tesco but letting people know you’re good with numbers.

Photo Credit: Haydn Brown

GURL: What is your essential make-up brand when painting a mug?

Elizabeth: I swear by NYX and Revolution they’re affordable and amazing quality but more importantly they support queer artistry and are cruelty free. I also love supporting small queer owned businesses such as What A Drag and Give Face Cosmetics. They’re spectacular and ran by the nicest people.

GURL: All great choices, we particularly love ourselves a some What A Drag as we know the lovely guys behind it and they’re utterly charming, beautiful people!

GURL: Any words of advice for pushing past the typical queer hate that should have been left in the past?

Elizabeth: I think the most important thing to do is to not give up the fight. Keep supporting your queer friends and family. Especially the trans community who suffer horrifying attacks from the media/public every single day. Remember it was Trans people who have helped us to where we are today. You have a right to sit at any table you want to and it’s important to remember that also.

GURL: Very well said, lifting each other up as a full community (no exceptions) is absolutely vital and we have to patch up each others wounds in times of need.

GURL: Where do you see yourself in 5 years when the world is (hopefully) all back to normal?

Elizabeth: Of course I would love to be on Drag race or Dragula. I do understand though that I need to feel ready because I would be playing to win. Getting myself in order is the first step.

BWD: We totally feel you going more in the Dragula direction ourselves and if you’re not playing to win, why enter a competition in the first place!

GURL: If there was a drag adaptation of any famous villain, who would you want to play?

Elizabeth: The Evil Queen from Snow White has been my muse since I was a child. I knew I was Queer because I always loved the Villains more than the main characters. Failing that though I would say Tracy Barlow from Corrie.

GURL: Maybe you could play Tracy Barlow as The Evil Queen…..that would be ridiculous and totally iconic in a messed up way.

GURL: To finish things up, could you name just 3 local drag artists that everyone should follow?

Elizabeth: Only three?? I’m a Pisces and can’t leave anyone out! This would be a perfect time to promote the cast of my Digital Charity Cabaret ‘Crawford’s Crypt’ (ticket link in my Instagram bio).

They are some of my best friends and people everyone should check out: Daphne, Tayris Mongardi, Sally TM, Riley Rex, Dee Ryder, Jessica Jungle, Jersey the Devil, Scarlett Fever, House Of Cunny (Opium, ill Health and Venus Dimilo), Whitney Bae, Lydia L’Scabies and special guest Louisianna Purchase!

Straight to Instagram to follow Elizabeth now, show some love and watch her cabaret!

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