Spotlight: Erica Chanel



GURL: Let’s start with a little introduction, who are you?

Erica: Erica Chanel (Greenville, SC) – “The Legendary Lady with a love for labels and a passion for the people.”

Erica Chanel is the, “Dancing Diva,” from flips to splits, she always slays the stage. Having performed for crowds of up to 40,000 at state pride festivals, high energy performance is what you’re going to get. She will leave you wanting more every time! Truly an unforgettable experience. Erica may be generic, but Chanel is Luxury. She Currently holds the titles of Miss Diamond Glam International Jr Newcomer and Miss Cabaret Fresh Face. Erica is currently signed to The Vanity House Inc. Management.

GURL: Where did the inspiration to start drag come from?

Erica: Funny story, I didn’t wanna do drag. All my friends was like “do drag” but at the time i was like no no not me. They ended up convincing me to do a talent show at South 29 in Spartanburg SC and i was is nervous, but i was like wow I’m good at this. I’ve always been so amazed by drag queens from a young age. 

GURL: Have you got any life goals in mind for your drag career?

Erica: Yes so my life goal is drag is do my own one women show called The Chanel Experience. Huge productions, dancers have it all!

GURL: Save us a couple of front row seats, we’re totally into this!

GURL: What has been your favourite look so far?

Erica: Wow so many to choose from but if would have to be a look Ethan Werkeiser from Baltimore Maryland made me. It’s a Beyonce inspired look from her Formation Tour.

GURL: You look amazing in it and what better inspiration really? Shout out to Ethan for his great work too.

GURL: You got to be part of the incredible black girl magic show – what was that experience like?

Erica: So it has always been a goal of mine to do The Vixens BGM show. That show means so much to me and my sisters of color. This show give us a chance to see queens who look just like us and celebrate our black excellence. When she asked me i honestly couldn’t believe it i balled my eyes out. It was such an honor to be in that show with such an amazing cast.

GURL: It’s such an amazing, educational and inspirational show filled with more talent than most people can comprehend. We’re so please so see it continue to grow and expose many fabulous coloured drag stars. Praise be The Vixen!

GURL: In a lip sync for your life – what song are you hoping comes up?

Erica: Omg it would HAVE to be Run The World by Beyonce hands DOWN! 

GURL: An iconic anthem tbf!

GURL: Do you have any advice for anyone starting drag?

Erica: Be professional from the start. The gig starts when you get in the car. Support your local queens and be respectful to the ones that came before you. Please get a professional promo picture. 

GURL: Very good advice right there, you look fab in your promos <3

GURL: Have you got any unusual facts about yourself to share?

Erica: A lot of people don’t know I’m a competitive clogger. 

GURL: Now that’s something we would never have seen coming…..

GURL: Which country would you most like to visit in the future?

Erica: I so would love to go to Brazil.  

GURL: You’re stuck on an island with 3 of your fellow drag stars – who do you choose? (Plus we’ll make sure we follow them!)

Erica: Ariana Venti, Crystal Brooks and Cake Moss 

GURL: We’re totally coming to that Island for a party!

You can follow the fabulous Erica over on her Instagram below

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