Spotlight: Fantasy



GURL: Introduce yourself to us as if we were new in town and don’t know you?

Fantasy: Hola it’s me, Fantasy. I’m a Drag Queen from Greater Manchester now living in sunny London. Fantasy represents that moment in your life when you’re feeling your absolute best, but when looking back you realise you were actually a hot mess!

GURL: When did Fantasy first make an appearance? 

Fantasy: Fantasy first made her debut in Spain when I owned a bar there with my ex. Our opening night fell on Pink Weekend which is why the colour pink is so significant.

GURL: Oh that’s cute, not only do you look great in Pink anyway, there’s even a lovely little story behind it.

GURL: Did you always know there was a drag artist within you? 

Fantasy: I always knew I had something to say or show to the world. I used to create characters and write comics as a kid and I really wanted to make a difference and inspire people with the stories I had to tell. Drag is giving me the ability to tell another story which people seem to be interested in and are starting to listen.

GURL: Awww you were definitely destined to be a fabulous queen. Channelling that love and creativity into a wonderful expression of art whilst rocking a cute pair of heels will get you far.

GURL: You’re related to that Veronica lady from drag race right – do you have any plans to follow in her high heeled footsteps in the future? 

Fantasy: Follow her!? I’m the inspirational sibling out of the two of us. She just had to get on Drag Race to catch up with me…

GURL: Ooooo a plot twist! We do hope to see you compete some time though if it’s something you’re interested in, we can see you going far and building the legacy even more.

GURL: What has been the highlight of your drag adventure so far? 

Fantasy: I wrote and filmed a teaser for a TV series based on me and my brother, starring both Fantasy and Veronica (as well as Tony and Kevin), which almost got made! But alas we were not famous enough for the production company to guarantee we’d play ourselves in a series based on our lives… I guess one of us is slightly more famous now.

GURL: Darn company not giving you a chance, let’s hope you get to prove how much of a bad choice it was some day. We’d love to watch a little series following the real ins and outs of being a drag artist, not just the glitz and glam for competitions, who do we need to persuade to make this happen?

GURL: Which of your drag looks are you most proud of so far? 

Fantasy: I’d have to say my Big Purple one. It’s a skirt that was too tight so I couldn’t shimmy it past my shoulders and thought “actually, this looks pretty good as some ‘off the shoulder-asymmetrical-quality street-style garment”. I’m quick on my feet when it comes to wearing clothes so love adapting and playing around with how to wear things. Some people just wear clothes and then there are others who WEAR clothes if you get what I mean?

GURL: You look absolutely ready to turn the party in this look and let’s be honest, everyone would be reaching for you in their Quality Street – who doesn’t love a nutty but smooth moment after all?

Shot by Moira Stansfield
Photo by Moira Stansfield

GURL: Rumour has it you’re a bit of a singer, what’s your fave song to belt out? 

Fantasy: Who have you been talking to? In my head I sound like Celine Dion, but I’m probably more like Manila Luzon. No, I’m not a singer but my boyfriend Vangelis Polydorou is a singer and was on the Voice 5 years ago. He’s just released his first single Throw Me (which I designed the music video for) 

GURL: Oooops, we’ve been eavesdropping on your shower concerts, our bad! Aww we love a bit of Vangelis (we even interviewed him), pretty sure I personally account for half of the listens on Spotify at this point too. It’s great seeing both you and Veronica in the music video too.

GURL: What other talents do you have for the world to discover?  

Fantasy: I’m a designer and like to make things, I’m an art director for film and TV and an illustrator and graphic designer. I also like to make and play with puppets.

GURL: A super babe with many skills aye, you’re definitely gonna take the world by storm when the time is right. We’d love to see you do a lil puppet show sometime, as the phrase goes “everybody loves puppets”!

GURL: When you’re not being stunning in a pink wig, how do you pass the time?

Fantasy: I’d like to say I curl up with a good book or relax in front of the TV with a good series, but I’m a very busy person so struggle to just let time pass. I have to be doing something, whether that’s preparing for another commercial or shooting another short film I’ve always got my finger in one pie or another.

GURL: We love a good old book or binge too! It’s great to hear that you’ve got so much going on though, spread those fingers far and wide….wait that sounds filthy.

GURL: Have you got any goals in mind for the future?

Fantasy: Of course! I’ve many! First thing on my list is getting this series with Veronica commissioned. We’re co-creators and we’ve such a massive story to tell. We’re biological brothers and Drag sisters and are equally both constantly at each other’s throats and helping the other succeed.

GURL: You’ve got our support 100% and no doubt our readers will back you up too. We’ll keep an eye out and shout it from the rooftops when it finally gets commissioned.

GURL: Do you have any words of advice for queer kids discovering themselves?

Fantasy: Don’t give any f*cks about what other people think of you – Other people don’t know you like you do, so their thoughts and opinions about you don’t matter. As long as you feel happy in what choices in life you choose to make (and as long as those choices don’t hurt anyone else in the process) then that’s all that really matters.

GURL: Sending you a megaphone to preach this right out past the people in the back row and onto the streets, couldn’t agree more. Sounds like you’ve been taking lessons from your good friend, the unapologetically queer legend that is Boy George 😉

LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 26: Boy George attends the Fashion for Relief pop-up store at Westfield London on November 26, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

GURL: Finally, if we were to follow 4 other drag artists, who would you recommend?

Fantasy: Camille Toe, Sue Gives a Fuck, Margo Marshall and Lia Belle

GURL: Fabulous choices, thank you!

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