Spotlight: Frida Sapphic



She ain’t just a pretty face and a cute artist now is she?!.

GURL: First things first; introductions, who the hell are ya? 

Frida: I am Frida Sapphic from Drag Idol 2020 and the back alleys of the Newcastle Drag Scene. You can find me pestering Gladys on a Sunday at the yard until she cries (but not anymore because of the corona virus init). My name comes from Frida Kahlo and the word Sapphic means lesbian because it derives from an ancient Greek poem about a woman named Sappho who loved women. Read your gay history, folks.

GURL: How long have you been performing? 

Frida: Drag Idol was my very first time performing so a month, I guess? Unless you count those horrendous lip sync battles in Pink Room. At least you get free drinks when you win a Pink Room lipsync.

GURL: What’s been your favourite performance so far?

Frida: I really loved my Cell Block Tango one just because it’s one of my favourite musicals and I also got to do some of it in Spanish. I wanted to show off that I could speak in another language even if it was my weakest week. Also I learnt a lot that week so I think that’s why that performance has a special place in my heart. Other than that, my corona virus one that I recently did was very fun. It was something different and people keep telling me how it cheered them up. It’s something I love to do with my drag. I like to take something so serious and heartbreaking and put a fun twist on it and entertain people; make them see the lighter side of a bad situation. So I want people to walk away and think that was fun and it entertained me but I also learnt something.

GURL:We’re honestly so proud of you for both of these, fabulous performance with important messages are well needed.

GURL: Show us one of your most fabulous looks?

Frida: This was meant to be reveal and it didn’t work! I was gutted. But this is me. Mini skirts and thigh-high platform boots.

GURL: Oh she looks cute though don’t she?

GURL: Who are your biggest idols?

Frida: Frida Kahlo has my whole heart (hence the name). As a spanish language student who does art and loves women in a feminist way and a gay way, I have a special place in my heart for Frida Kahlo. Other than that, my drag is inspired a lot by fierce feminist women from the 60s/70s/80s. Like when it was pretty much illegal to speak against the patriarchy and these women just had enough. People like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (9 to 5 is one of my favourite films) who gave me my right to live and my friends’ right to live. We don’t speak about these people enough and we don’t celebrate them enough so that’s what I’m trying to do; celebrate them. 

GURL: Tell us something absolutely random about yourself?

Frida: I have a birthmark the shape of a heart on my wrist. Nice cute little fun fact. I used to play the flute when I was 14. I’m Lizzo. 

GURL: That’s so cute, c’mon flute queen! 

GURL: Any advice for someone wanting to embrace the art of drag? 

Frida: Be messy. Have fun. Don’t worry about being polished or striving for perfection. It doesn’t exist. Especially in drag. And don’t say you’re not political. Drag is political. Any art form is political. Even if what you’re doing isn’t inherently political, you standing onstage and partaking in a queer art form is essentially political. If you have a unique perspective and something new you want to offer that you don’t think is out there currently, then go for it. And as the Geordies say: shy bairns get nowt. 

GURL: You ain’t wrong, gotta have fun and stand by yourself.

GURL: One song to be your anthem, go! 

Frida: One Night Only came to mind because I’ve been listening to it all day but I really want to perform Zero to Hero from Hercules at some point so that. Also, Hercules the Disney film is slept on. It’s one of my favourites. 

Fully under-rated, this is a pure anthem.

GURL: If you had to recommend us a fellow fierce entertainer, who should we hit up? 

Frida:: Megan M’Dei. That’s all. Just watch her pour gravy on a roast dinner to the song from the bistro advert, and then get back to me with how it changed your life because it changed mine.

GURL: Oh this one is absolutely hilarious and so creative, check out her Facebook here.

GURL: Finally, what’s your fave design from our collection? 

Frida: Probably the Support Newcastle Drag t-shirt because whoever designed that must be really talented. Or the Mona Choriza. Chefs kiss. Beautiful.

GURL: Get that self promotion gurl, we do love a bit of Choriza too <3

Give Frida some love ya’ll, watcha waiting for? 

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