Spotlight: Janelle No.5



GURL: Give us an introduction to yourself in just one sentence?

Janelle: My name is Janelle No.5 and I am the SHOW.

GURL: What inspired you to become a stunning drag diva?

Janelle: My inspiration comes from many things from watching local shows growing up in the scene like the legendary Escuelita Nightclub to admiring Ballroom and amazing pageantry via Continental, I truly am Just a lover of all things drag and queer culture. Its something that I felt I could excel at and always wanted to be apart of.

GURL: You certainly do excel at the art form and we’re very glad you followed your inspiration of drag/ballroom, the world needs more talented people following their dreams.

GURL: What is your favourite thing about being a fierce artist?

Janelle: My favourite thing about being a fierce artist is being a Drag Queen producer, often times there are very few of us and I enjoy the idea of being able to curate my own parties and provide an opportunity for queens and making a great show.

GURL: It’s great that you’re doing something a little more on the unique side and not only projecting yourself, but creating an environment that lifts up other artists too, we love to see it.

GURL: You’re part of the fabulous Doll Haus right – how did that come around?

Janelle: A bunch of drag queen friends who constantly go out together boom its a haus.

GURL: So just casual friends being stunning and fierce really? Sounds like a fun time to us!

GURL: Any interest in continuing Kandy’s legacy on that little TV drag show?

Janelle: Granted of course that’s the dream but I prefer to focus on the now, when things align and are right for you they just fall into place so I try not to think too much about being on TV etc, my focus right now is to continue being a staple in NYC drag right now.

GURL: You’re absolutely taking a great approach in our eyes, creating yourself a legacy in everyday life is definitely the right move. If anything, being cast on the show would just be a cute TV opportunity to further the legacy and introduce yourself to a whole bunch of new people.

GURL: What has been your career highlight so far?

Janelle: Tbh I’ve done so many things from being featured in the paper, vogue being on TV via RuPaul’s drag race season 12 finale but right now I’m just very grateful to be working consistently and I’m very proud of the weekly drag competition that I host. 

GURL: A busy queen pays the bills and provides the thrills right? Hopefully the opportunities keep coming and you can take over the world.

GURL: If you were about to strut a fashion runway, which of your looks would you give you the most confidence?

Janelle: I have a few!

GURL: When you look this gorgeous every single day the outfits are just a bonus let’s be honest, we’d watch you on a runway any time.

GURL: Do you have any make-up tips for creating a beauty mug?

Janelle: Have good genetics LMAO jk, honestly practice and find what works for you and your face shape, every face is different so there isn’t one formula that works for every face, so practice and play with your face.

GURL: Sound advice, there’s so many different ways to adapt to your individual shapes too, make-up is definitely an experiment in beauty.

GURL: What is your fave song to perform?

Janelle: I’ve lately been into doing mixes a lot but that aside I love a good ballad my fave is My All by Mariah Carey

GURL: A good mix can certainly turn the party, but who can resist a ballad moment really? Especially when it’s Mariah!

GURL: Give us a random fact about yourself?

Janelle: I’m a huge nerd from comics to video games, a huge nerd.

GURL: Oh same gurl, same! Doesn’t every queer person want to be a superhero deep down?

GURL: You can replace any actress in an iconic roll, who do you choose?

Janelle: Right now Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch so iconic!!!

GURL: We would absolutely live for this, perhaps that’s a performance waiting to happen…..

GURL: Finally, aside from your fellow dolls, which of your fellow drag stars should we be following?

Janelle: There are so many!!! Right now of course my daughter Elle No.5, Jasmine Rice, Rify Royalty, Digna, JaxIslaya and so many more to be honest. There is so much talent right now in New York City that have prevailed through covid etc I’m honestly so proud of the queens in NYC

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