Spotlight: Lilith



GURL: We know you from our holiday in hell, but could you introduce yourself for those who aren’t so familiar? 

Lilith: I’m LILITH, Deathcore drag queen and everyone’s favourite relic from MySpace rawr xD

I also play in a drag emo band called TwoThousandAndLate and I’m part of the legendary Dragpunk!

GURL: Who are your biggest inspirations for the deathcore aesthetic? 

Lilith: I absolutely live for all things emo and scene and that carries through with all my references and looks. I think music is the main drive behind LILITH I am so inspired by music of all kinds but have carved my niche with the heavier stuff because no ones doing it. It naturally progressed from being in these kinds of bands to performing it in drag. 

GURL: As queer folk that lived through the beautiful emo/scene era of the 2000’s we fully relate, the drummer jackets are still kicking around somewhere. It’s great to see you combining the lifestyle with your artistry.

GURL: Was androgyny always the plan for your drag? 

Lilith: Not really it just sort of happened, LILITH is me at 1000% there’s not really a character or anything so some days I don’t necessarily want my drag to present as typically ‘feminine’ I just want to look fucking cool. 

GURL: Who needs gender anyway? Embrace who you are on the daily, fuck anything else.

GURL: You’re part of a fantastic drag family right – how did that come around?

Lilith: Absolutely! Dragpunk have been going for years now with some line-up changes and additions! We were just a group of likeminded friends who were outside of ‘conventional’ drag and wanted to platform that. Even though as artists we’ve all kind of changed what we do and moved away from what Dragpunk was at first we are still 100% a family and are all there for each other.

GURL: We can’t act like we’re strangers to Dragpunk, ya’ll are a fabulous bunch of talented people and we live for the diversity among you too. The family that breaks down walls together, stays together….and looks mighty good while they do it.

GURL: You’re given the chance to walk the runway (built over the river Styx), which outfit do you wear?

Lilith: My fave Cradle of Filth shirt, the back print is overly obscene and I’ve been told off for wearing it in public a few times haha

GURL: Who can resist a bit of obscene fashion though? It would definitely be a suitable look for strutting your stuff in hell

GURL: How have you found the general reaction to what is considered ‘alt’ drag for some reason? 

Lilith: When I started performing in drag the reaction was incredible locally as there was absolutely no one doing what I was doing. Then when all the emos found me online it really kicked off. I’ve had several performances go viral on ‘Metalcore Twitter’ and everyone loves a nostalgic emo throwback! 

Coming back from lockdown though the drag ecosystem has definitely changed, we’ve been inundated with shows from larger promoters who can (sometimes purposefully or not) have a very narrow view of what is good drag and may not see more alternative styles as worthy of a spot on the line up. 

No matter the reaction or whether or not people are into what I do though I’m 100% myself and doing what I want and having a fucking fantastic time doing it! 

GURL: Absolutely here for the viral moments, especially when they throwback to such a fantastic time in our lives. We completely feel you on the gig side of things, it can be tough to determine the authenticity of a line-up but hey, at least it’s paying the bills and getting some fantastic names out there!

GURL: What advice can you give someone just starting their drag career? 

Lilith: Be yourself! It’s easy to get caught up in how you think you should be doing drag but honestly just do you and have fun.

GURL: Couldn’t agree more!

GURL: Do you have any plans for world domination in the next couple of years?

Lilith: LILITH will keep being an icon! I spent my lockdowns squirrelled away working on how to produce music and I’m currently writing my Myspace/ Screamo LILITH EP so that should be out by the end of the year! Metalcore and emo are coming back in and I’m going to be a part of that! 

GURL: Oh we are fully here for that EP, we’ll be keeping a firm eye out and maybe even a little campaign for Christmas number one? :’)

GURL: Throw us a random fact about yourself? 

Lilith: In my spare time I play classical piano! Big Rachmaninoff fan 

GURL: Now that’s something we need to witness, in full drag of course.

GURL: The world is ending but you can put on one last drag show with 4 other artists, who do you choose? 

Lilith: Marla Sinner, Biqtch puddin, Zack of all tradezzzz and Amber Cadaverous – Emo icons assemble 

GURL: Now that truly is a bunch of Emo Icons, love love love them all!

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