Spotlight: Liquorice Black



Now here’s a queen taking the world by storm, you may have seen her on the TV once or twice……

GURL: First things first; introductions, who the hell are ya? 

Liquorice: Hello Im Liquorice Black a Manchester based drag queen who lives in a world of black and white, vintage and a little bit dark. I also starred along side a few other members of my drag family (the family gorgeous) on channel 4’s Drag SOS. And I am currently starting out as a costume designer for other performers after making my own for the past few years.

GURL: How long have you been performing? 

Liquorice: I’ve been performing for around 7/8 years, my first proper performance was at the 3rd Cha Cha Boudoir were I was mentored by Anna Phylactic who became my drag mother along with Cheddar Gorgeous. I still get a little stage fright but nowadays I’m just more worried about falling over.

GURL: What’s been your favourite performance so far?

Liquorice: I think my favourite performance has been my first performance after I broke my ankle last June. The performance was for the GHT Charity Drag Ball, in which I was pushed around stage in a wheelchair by a 7”ft Banksie dressed as a nurse, lipsyning to Bette Midlers ‘Pretty Legs’, its such a camp number and was great to be back on stage after months off my feet. 

GURL: We had a look on your Instagram highlights, this was hilarious!

GURL: Show us one of your most fabulous looks?


GURL: Absolutely stunned, kudos to Neil Nez Kendall for such a beautiful shot <3

GURL: Who are your biggest idols?

Liquorice: Grace Jones, Elvira, Amanda Lepore, the list goes on but I just love ultra fabulous woman. 

GURL: Tell us something absolutely random about yourself?

Liquorice: Something a little ironic, I really hate the taste of Liquorice sweets 

GURL: Plot twist! We gotta agree though, but we’ll definitely make an exception for you any day! 

GURL: Any advice for someone wanting to embrace the art of drag? 

Liquorice: Find something that makes your act different and unique, but always do what inspires you not what you think people want from a drag queen/ king 

GURL: A combination of unique and true to yourself is spot on.

GURL: One song to be your anthem, go! 

Liquorice: Big spender “Shirley Bassey” 

Yaaaas a true classic!

GURL: If you had to recommend us a fellow fierce entertainer, who should we hit up? 

Liquorice:: Obviously any member of the Family Gorgeous there’s a lot of them but I think you should check out my darling sister Narrcissa Nightshade, she’s the aunt sponge to my aunt spike (yes that’s a James and the giant peach reference)

GURL: We do love ourselves some family gorgeous and there’s no denying that Narcissa Nightshade is a stunner – give her a follow here!

GURL: Finally, what’s your fave design from our collection? 

Liquorice: You’ve got lots of fab designs but really like the support your local drag t-shirt

GURL: We absolutely loved working with our lovely local gal Erin to make that tee and support our local performers, glad you like it!

If you’re not already obsessed and following Ms Black, what are you waiting for?! 

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