Spotlight: Malibu Perry



GURL:  Introductions first, who are you for those unaware?

Malibu: Hi! my name is Malibu Perry, I’m an 18 year old drag queen from Belfast.

GURL: What inspired you to start doing drag?

Malibu: I was inspired to start drag after watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, original I know… I discovered the art of drag through the show but I went off and did research and looked into the meaning of drag and it’s rich history with queer culture and that really inspired me! I wanted to be apart of this truly amazing art form and make some sort of mark. 

GURL: Nothing wrong at all with finding inspiration from Drag Race, glad you’ve done your research though, that’s what counts!

GURL: What’s your favourite kind of look to pull off?

Malibu: My favourite kind of look to pull off would definitely be anything related to the 70s. My favourite era for music and fashion is the 1970s and I try to base a lot of my drag aesthetic around that. I have a genuine brown, black, orange and red maxi dress from the era which may sound really ugly to some people but it’s one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen! I’m really into scarves and headbands at the moment too as they were very big in fashion at the time. There’s something so beautiful and peaceful about this era and I relate to it so much. 

GURL: We love a good 70’s mood tbf and it looks cute on you.

GURL: When did you first have a chance to perform on stage?

Malibu: My first performance was on the 28th of June 2019! It wasn’t that long ago at all. I’m still a very new queen compared to others who’ve been doing it for 10+ years! I performed Katy Perry’s new song at the time ‘Never Really Over’ and it was such a mess. I basically walked about and swung my arms, lets just say there’s still room for improvement!

GURL: Who has been your favourite person to work with so far?

Malibu: My favourite person to work with would definitely have to be Onya Becks, she has given me so many opportunities and has even taken me to other shows outside of the city with her. She was the main queen I would message on Instagram before I started drag, I’d ask her loads of questions and she even came up with my drag name! She has worked so hard to get to where she is and it’s truly so inspiring.

GURL: Do you have a top bop right now?

Malibu: Honestly I’ve been obsessed with the Carpenters recently, so anything by them would be a top bop for me personally right now. An up to date top bop of mine would definitely be ‘Levitating’ by Dua Lipa, her new album is insane!

GURL: We adore the new Dua Lipa album of course, but let’s go for your classic choice and serve some old school culture

GURL: If you were a superhero, who would you be?

Malibu: If I were a superhero I would probably be Wonder Woman (1970s), for the main reason that she has big hair and a gorgeous body!

GURL: Don’t forget the magic lasso and totally fierce outfit!

GURL: What’s your idea of a dream date?

Malibu: Well I’m old at heart, so a dream date wouldn’t be something crazy. I’d say a dream date would have to be something really relaxing like a movie, a spa day or even just get some drinks. If anyone wants to take me on a date let me know! 

GURL: What flavour of ice cream best describes you?

Malibu: I’d definitely have to say Neapolitan Ice cream would describe me best. I’m a bunch of personalities rolled into one. I can be very quiet, reserved and even boring (vanilla) I can be fun, exciting and energised (chocolate) or I can be cute a lovely (strawberry).

GURL: That is an adorable way to compare yourself to ice cream <3

GURL: Give us two artists to shout out?

Malibu: I have to give my scissor sister, best friend and partner in crime, Tiffany Von Tussle, a shout-out. Me and Tiffany have been friends for 7 years, we met in high school and just clicked and now we do drag together! Tiffany started just after me and the amount of progress she has made is unreal! The second shout-out is for my drag Dad, Carl ConnieLingus. Carl took me and Tiffany under his wing and gave us a queer family to call our own. He is one of very few drag kings in Belfast and he really is one of my biggest inspirations. He has given me some amazing opportunities and I am forever grateful!

GURL: Loving the family values here, so sweet! Everyone needs to be following both of these marvellous drag creatures.

Let’s go get ourselves some Malibu baby!!!

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