Spotlight: Max Legroom



GURL: Who is Max Legroom?

Max: Max Legroom is an extremely normal, relatable man. He puts his trousers on every morning in the same way everyone does: by firing himself at the trousers , from a large slingshot.

GURL: When did you start doing drag?

Max: 2016 as my current incarnation but I’ve been dressing up as a man for some time before then.

GURL: Do you have a drag parent?

Max: Nope . Raised by wolves. I’ve got some wonderful drag peers though who’ve helped me through the tricky bits like ‘how to put on makeup properly’.

GURL: Those wolves raised you well, we’re glad you’ve got plenty of support too.

GURL: What has been your favourite performance so far?

Max: I can think of far too many , but it’s gotta be the time I fired toilet roll at hundreds of people onstage at Dean Street , during Pride in London. Truly magical.

GURL: Is there a specific part of the world you’d like to introduce to Max? 

Max: Profoundly bored, wealthy people with a lot of excess cash lying around who might want to come to a lot of drag shows? Just kidding . I don’t know, you know. I’m originally a country boy and I’d love to take drag to more rural heartlands. I think the rural gays deserve it!

GURL: We fully agree, drag and queer culture should be available everywhere!

GURL: Which song is your current fave?

Max: Which song is your current fave?

GURL: So annoyingly catchy darn it!

GURL: Outside of drag, what is your biggest interest?

Max: I love studying languages (currently studying Russian, Arabic and Korean, as well as topping up my A level French). I also knit and sew, and pre-lockdown I was doing aerial trapeze and silks! My biggest lockdown interests include ‘neglecting my enormous pile of sewing that needs doing’ and ‘stress-induced eczema’.

GURL: So you’re basically becoming a high-flying drag interpreter……werk!

GURL: Do you do any celebrity impersonations? 

Max: I used to think I did a fantastic Danny Devito until my girlfriend informed me, gently, that it sounded nothing like the man.

GURL: We definitely all have an impression like that :’)

GURL: Which cartoon character best represents your drag personality? 

Max: Dennis the Menace!

GURL: Give us 2 fellow performers to follow – choose wisely!

Max: Prinx Chiyo and Oedipussi!

GURL: A pair of total babes <3

You find the charming Max Legroom over on Instagram

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