Spotlight: Mystika Glamoor



GURL: Give us a quick introduction to you?

Mystika: I am known as the surrealist socialist socialite and the high priestess of Edinburgh drag! I’m an eccentric mix of references in a y’all over the top package, mixing comedy with horror, camp with spirituality. Before covid I ran a weekly cabaret called GLAMOOR and a monthly drag brunch show, and am now making a weekly YouTube cabaret show! 

GURL: What was the defining moment that led you to drag?

Mystika: I started off making videos for the main local drag show, The Rabbit Hole, which helped me get to know the scene and finally give me the confidence to start experimenting with makeup and eventually to perform. 

GURL: Who are your biggest idols?

Mystika: As I started off as a filmmaker and multimedia artist, a lot of my references and idols are people like John Waters, David Lynch, and Steven Arnold! On stage, Eartha Kitt and Florence Welch inspire me and my character, and Sasha Velour was the first drag queen on Drag Race to make me feel like I could be a weirdo and do it well. 

GURL: Quite the mixed bag you’re got there for sure! We absolutely love us some Sasha Velour (what an icon) and Florence is definitely a beautifully weird person.

GURL: What has been your most memorable experience with drag so far?

Mystika: Getting to perform in Switzerland just three weeks after my show GLAMOOR had started in 2018 was a huge highlight. It was my first time travelling abroad for drag and getting to perform in front of hundreds of people who really understood what I was doing was deeply meaningful. I returned to the festival last year, and, if we’re allowed on planes by September, will be going back again this year! 

GURL: Is there a particular drag race/Dragula challenge you would excel at?

Mystika: On either show I feel like I could do well in an acting or improv challenge, one where I get to show my wacky, unpredictable personality and sense of humour. 

GURL: A great challenge to succeed in though, one a lot of people have crashed in!

GURL: Which song is stuck in your head right now?

Mystika: I Want You To Love Me from Fiona Apple’s new album real hit me when it came out the other day! The whole album is a perfect lockdown soundtrack, and I wish I could perform every song off it live to an audience!

GURL: This is a cute little track, we’ll have to give the full album a try!

GURL: Show us your fave look?

Mystika: My favourite look would have to be from the night of the one year anniversary of GLAMOOR. It was such a meaningful night and I felt my look represented my style perfectly 

GURL: It’s such a quirky glamour look, we’re totally feeling the vibe. It’s lovely to know that it reminds you of a great time too!

GURL: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Mystika: The chicken obviously crossed the road to get to GLAMOOR on a Monday night in the basement of The Street nightclub in Edinburgh 😉 

GURL: Bravo, a nice little plug there!

GURL: Any advice for someone starting drag?

Mystika: My advice to all new queens is to keep experimenting with all different kinds of looks, learn the proportions of your face and where things fit best, and STAY HUMBLE! It’s good to believe in yourself and feel the rush of confidence drag gives you, but you shouldn’t get crushed under the weight of your own ego. Keep learning, keep pushing, and most importantly, HAVE FUN WITH IT! 

GURL: Which two fellow artists shall we follow?

Mystika: Two of my favourite local artists are Daddy Delight and Julianne Hoore! They’re really pushing the levels of creativity in the city’s drag scene right now! 

GURL: Two amazing people who should definitely be getting a follow.

Go get yourself some Mystika right away!

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