Spotlight: Oedipussi Rex



GURL: Give us an introduction for those who don’t know you? 

Oedipussi: I’m Oedipussi Rex, Drag Barbarian! I’m essentially the hairy love child between Brian Blessed and Animal from the Muppets, but with about 70% more beard. 

GURL: What was the moment that made you want to do drag? 

Oedipussi: We had a couple of drag parties when I was at uni, though back then I was some bare faced guy called Kevin. Thankfully, he died and I haven’t worn a shirt since.

GURL: R.I.P Kevin, he died so Oedipussi could live <3

GURL: Of all the incredibly random materials you’ve used, what is your fave to work with? 

Oedipussi: Not necessarily my favourite material, but the strangest was a beard made out of real snails i’d snuffled off the street. They kept trying to slither up my nostrils which is fine until you get a nose full of snail trail… I’m sure some people are into but get me dinner first!

GURL: This may be the first time we’ve wanted to avoid a snail trail in quite some time :’)

GURL: Which of your beardy creations is your proudest creations?

Oedipussi: I made a rose covered Minotaur headpiece to wear for Drag World, all made of flowers and materials i’d salvaged from a bin. It ended up being passive-agressively large, which meant that while I wasn’t the biggest name on the panel I was on, I could at least take up the most space and get stuck in all the doorways. 

GURL: I actually met you that day and have what is a wonderful picture of your masterpiece but an awful one of me – I remember telling many people about that headpiece!

Credit: Reuters

GURL: Which king is the Luigi to your Mario? 

Oedipussi: I think i’m more of a Goomba to be honest.

GURL: We’d have had you down as more of a Bowser with those fierce looks

GURL: Which song has you singing along most right now? 

Oedipussi: Diggy Diggy Hole (the Wind Rose cover) gets stuck in my head every time I see an argument start on Facebook.

GURL: We never thought Viking Metal would end up on the site, thank you for this blessing!

GURL: If you were a fish, which fish would you be? 

Oedipussi: Magikarp. 

GURL: Do you have any interests that might surprise people? 

Oedipussi: After bathing in the blood of my enemies, I rather enjoy baking the rest of the remains into fairy cakes and going on romantic walks with my Mum.

GURL: Sounds like a very casual Friday tbh

GURL: You’re throwing a dinner party with 4 celebs, who’s coming?

Oedipussi: Ooh- Probably Ian Mckellen, Brian Blessed, 2 howler monkeys and the Go Compare Man. Might not be the best, but it would be the nosiest, which is basically my drag in a nutshell.

GURL: That could honestly be a Netflix series, make it happen! (P.S your drag is amazing shhh)

GURL: Give us 2 fabulous performers we should be following?

Oedipussi: If you love films and epic moustaches you should really check out the incredible Sigi Moonlight, while Richard Melanin the Third is probably one of the funniest kings out there at the moment!

GURL: Perfect, lots of love for the kings <3

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