Spotlight: Pebble Dash



GURL: Who are ya?

Pebble: How bloody dare you! I’m Pebble Dash bitch, it’s your pleasure to meet me!

GURL: We’ve heard a vicious rumour you’re Scottish, is it true?

Pebble: Rumours are for ugly people, I’m a fantasy. I’ll be whoever and from wherever you want me to be, for the right price.But yes, originally from Scotland, I’ve even met Nessie, several many times. 

GURL: When did you first beat your mug and throw on a wig?

Pebble: Well, my dad beat me round the mug with his dick plenty as a kid, that’s the Nessie I referred to earlier. Hes mixed race so you know hes got pipe.I first got in drag as a panto dame when I was 17, done bits and pieces here and there for clubs, but officially it’s been 2 years since Pebble made her first official engagement and snatched the Vamp as Tits crown.

GURL: We love a good original story… filthy bitch.

GURL: Weren’t you in that drag idol competition – how was that?

Pebble: I was indeed, 2019! It was fun mostly, I don’t generally tolerate people, but I was forced to for 2  months. I came third to perfume that smells like cat piss and an ex prime minister. I keep expensive company.

GURL: Do you have a look you’re most proud of?

Pebble: I’m proud of all my looks, have you seen me…I’m devastating, like a tsunami or Covid-19.I was going to change my name to corona, were  very similar, I was going to go onstage and fuck old people. I make 90% of my own outfits and I style my own wigs etc so whenever I wear something I’ve done I’m very proud. Or whenever I look like a hooker!

GURL: If you can’t appreciate yourself bish, who can you appreciate?

GURL: What’s your fave Cardi B track hun?

Pebble: Money! I love Cardi , much like me she wears rotted clothes, never glues her lace properly and no-one has a clue what she’s saying. She’s also a hustler and will go after what she wants…my queen.

GURL: If you could have a drag mentor, who would you choose?

Pebble: Hmmm I feel like no-one would want to take responsibility for this mess. I adore Lily Savage and Danny LaRue but then I’m also fascinated by Myra Hindley and Rose West, so somewhere between that…although that’s just Jack Plastiq.

GURL: How many shots can you handle?

Pebble: Shots of what dear, I can handle any amount of shots, although I may well vomit over myself , it makes for an interesting pattern on my tights.Let me tell you drag queens tights are the equivalent of what was found in Dahmers fridge. Mottled skin held together by thin, overstretched membrane with a crust. How delightful.

GURL: Dis-gus-terrrrnnn!

GURL: If you were a dirty pint, what would people have poured into you?

Pebble: Absolutely filth! Amaretto and coke, Banana Sambuca, Goldshleiger (The Germans might make terrible leaders but they make excellent alcohol), a urinal keg and some toilet floor piss. You’re welcome.

GURL: Remind us to never play ring of fire with you…….

GURL: Anybody you wanna shout out?

Pebble: Other than myself? No thanks. I joke, my little drag family here in Newcastle, Jack Plastiq, Baron LaVey, Lucy Phurr, Plopalina shitstorm, Tragidy, Faux king Dik, all the yard queens and my repugnant drag daughter in Edinburgh, Havana Meltdown. I know I look far too young to have children but that’s because I’m positively pickled in alcohol.

You can get yourself a piece of Scottish tart over on Instagram but she won’t follow back, she’s too important (her words).

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