Spotlight: Robbin Banks



GURL: Give us a little introduction?

Robbin: Hey there I’m Robbin Banks, 25 Years Old and you can usually find me on Canal Street (Manchester’s Gay Village). I’m just a Lanky Ginger Geek really, always on the lookout for food.

“Get us a Kebab and I’m yours!”

GURL: Did you have a drag family that helped you grow as an artist?

Robbin: When I First started my career as a drag queen i was quickly snapped up by Bar Pop on Canal street, They took me in and helped me grow and develop my skills in every area weather it be Makeup, costume, hair or even entertainment, we have Queens from all over the country, always helping each other out, it’s a really family spirited bar where everybody is made to feel welcome. 

GURL: That’s so cute! It’s always nice to see artist supporting each other – especially when they get to have fun with it.

GURL: What has been your favourite performance so far?

Robbin: There has been to many to choose from, we have worked in some amazing places, the O2 Ritz and Apollo here in Manchester, city wide Pride events, Iv even been on tour with a Ru Girl for a few cities in the UK. My all time favourite performance has to be my first time performing as part of the Bar Pop Show Team, it was amazing to feel the rush of being on stage with the bright lights and the drunk customers cheering your name. XD  

GURL: Do you have any make-up tips?

Robbin: The best makeup tip I could give is one that was given to me when I first started. There are no rules to Makeup! Don’t let anybody tell you what is right and wrong, use whatever products you like, experiment with it, try new things. The more you practice the better you’ll become. 

GURL: Definitely some solid advice, what’s the point in there being so much fabulous make-up out there if it’s got to be used within limitations?!

GURL: Which look are you most proud of?

Robbin: I’m Proud of all of my looks, As an artist you put as much effort into your Drag as you can. If I had to choose one though I would say my Pikachu (it’s not my best) but it inspired me to do more Pokemon Looks, and of you know me you’ll know that I LOVE Pokemon. 

GURL: We actually happen to be big Pokemon fans too and we love how adorable this look is <3

GURL: What is your go-to song for lip syncing?

Robbin: Looking at me most people assume I’d do a more modern numbers, Like a Pop song or a modern artist. I actually love the Older Classic comedy performances such as Ruth Wallis or Liza Minelli in cabaret. My go to would be the Classic Cabaret from cabaret.

GURL: You’ve been doing some Pokemon looks lately, which Pokemon is your all time fave?

Robbin: Ohh now that is a hard one!!! Currently there are 890 to choose from. My Favourite Pokemon has to me Magikarp, it’s probably the weakest Pokemon however it evolves into one of the strongest!  That’s a great lesson too, everything starts off small but grows into something amazing. 

GURL: Well isn’t that just adorable? You’ve definitely grown into a fierce creature, we’re here for it. Since you haven’t tackled Magikarp yet, here’s a fellow water Pokemon look that we love!

GURL: Who would you play on Snatch Game?

Robbin: Linda le hughes from Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie in a heart beat!!! Shes is physically funny and she has enough quick witted comments and remarks to last a life time. Also I’m a sucker for Ginger hair and Neon Clothes. XD 

GURL: Yes!!!!!! Omg please find a way of doing this!

GURL: What is your favourite queer movie or TV series?

Robbin: My Favourite is actually a Tv Show, Lily Savage’s Blankety Blank Games Show, it was full of quick witted Comments that always had me in stitches, it was also my first real impression of A Drag Queen, it really made me fall in love with the Art form.

GURL: Which two drag artists do you recommend we follow?

Robbin: You have to follow Victoria Secret (Dublin, Ireland), she is one the funniest, nicest and kindest queens I know. Also Annabelle Lecter (Manchester) is a Queen that I have done a lot of work with, she is so talented and always so friendly.

GURL: Two total babes right there, everyone get them followed!

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