Spotlight: Sally Trademark



What’s stunning, quirky and loves to win online competitions?

GURL: First things first; introductions, who the hell are ya? 

Sally: Hi! I’m SALLY™, I’m 23 years old and I’m from South Shields! I’m very skilled in jumping to conclusions and one time watched a man fall up the escalators at Haymarket metro station. No, I didn’t help him get back up. Nice to meet you!

GURL: How long have you been performing? 

Sally: I’ve been throwing together performances in my bedroom for about 4 years now, but I’ve been throwing myself out on the scene for 6 months!

GURL: What’s been your favourite performance so far?

Sally: My LSD – Genius performance has been my favourite so far! I try to push my studies in Animation into performance a lot, so a lot of my performances are video lipsyncs like this one. I actually did that for a competition called Reddit’s Lipsync For Your Life. It was really fun!

GURL: Omg we love this song and your lip sync was cute af!

GURL: Show us one of your most fabulous looks?

Sally:I love this look because it was the renaissance of “I don’t need a wig to be fierce” and then my natural hair began to recede.

GURL: Yaaaaas work it!

GURL: Who are your biggest idols?

Sally:This was a long list but I’ll cut it down to three – Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Charlize Theron (SPECIFICALLY in Atomic Blonde, what a cool lady) and Gail Platt from Corrie. I just think if you hate Gail Platt, you just have to accept your fate in Hell.

GURL: Tell us something absolutely random about yourself?

Sally: Well, I’m not only a stunningly confusingly rapidly aging woman of the night, but also I’ve produced and directed a short film that premiered at Scottish Queer International Film Festival and Fringe! Queer Fest in London! How fun and exciting! 

GURL: Oh Gurrrlllll she’s a film queen! You can check it out by clicking here

GURL: Any advice for someone wanting to embrace the art of drag? 

Sally: You wouldn’t buy a full price meal when you can go for a Happy Hour, so go to charity shops! Know your character and stick to it, and if it’s not working, try and find something that works for you! Talk to as many queens as you can, they aren’t scary and we’re just like you! Only we might get clown lung prematurely! If you don’t wanna do it, then embrace it by going to your local drag shows! And of course, if you’re up in the north, rep your local girls with a Support Newcastle Drag shirt, illustrated by Erin Moffat (:

GURL: Preach, get that creative spark without the need to empty your bank account.

GURL: One song to be your anthem, go! 

Sally: International Woman of Leisure by La Roux!! 

Gonna pretend we didn’t try to hit high notes and failed massively……

GURL: If you had to recommend us a fellow fierce entertainer, who should we hit up? 

Sally:: Marcella Fox is a really fucking fierce. Like, really fierce. She only wears ginger wigs and she loves Jane Child, the Spice Girls and confused an old woman one time into questioning if S-Club 7’s Never Had A Dream Come True was a slow song. Please check her out! She’ll be getting her free bus pass soon!

GURL: Oooo a red headed diva with good taste,follow here!

GURL: Finally, what’s your fave design from our collection? 

Sally: I really, really love the Erin Moffat collaboration with you guys. I think, what a double whammy, you know? Two really talented powerhouses coming together to produce a stunning visual of support for Newcastle queens. What is better than that? Other than watching a man fall up escalators, I don’t think there’s much.

GURL: A fabulous choice, we love supporting local queeros!

Make sure you give this artsy weirdo some love! 

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