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GURL: Let’s get things started with an introduction, who are you for those who don’t know?

Savannah:Hello Everyone! I’m Savannah F James from Las Vegas but a Texas Queen at Heart! I’m basically the mixture of everything no one likes made into something beautiful and constantly evolving, so like a cute Pokemon. I speak my mind but i’m also the best listener. Soy latin orgullos!!! I love hot Cheetos and have an obsession for Ariel.

Coolest thing? I’m engaged to the most beautiful Queen in the world, India Ferrah and I have two beautiful drag babies Reign & Rogue James <3

GURL: When did you begin your drag adventure?

Savannah: Since I was a young kid, I always wanted to be some sort of entertainer. It always amazed me how an entertainer can always make someone’s bad day a better one. I started out doing “boy drag” in 2012 and eventually started playing with makeup a bit more. I did a couple of switch nights where friends painted me in drag and that was enough to give birth to my new persona Savannah became my full time job in 2016. 

GURL: Do you have a favourite look that gives you an extra confidence boost?

Savannah: I could send 100 pictures of all my favourite looks but there’s one I always end up looking at each time. This picture reminds me where I started. I didn’t know how to apply most of my makeup but I kept trying and trying. Never gave up. This was one of the first pictures I took before I was brave enough to go out in public. I compare myself to today and it always gives me that extra confidence boost that anything can be done if you keep trying! 

GURL: We love that! Reminding yourself of where it began and how far you’ve progressed since. Honestly, we’ve seen worse first attempts at drag but the glow up is REAL.

GURL: Have you got any top make-up tips to create such a beautiful beat?

Savannah: If you are beginning, Practice Practice Practice!!! Makeup is trial & error! You try one thing, if it works it stays; if it doesn’t work, then try something else until you find something that does work for you. Be patient, it will take time! If you have been in the game for a while, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box or second guess yourself! 

GURL: What are the future goals for your drag career? 

Savannah:I have planned to travel the world, become an example, and inspire others along my journey.

GURL: Get that fine ass to the UK, we’ll have a kiki with some cocktails and get our dance on!

GURL: Do you have a go-to song to perform to?

Savannah: YES! OMG If I could, I would perform it EVERY time!!! Don’t let me down by The Chainsmokers, Daya. Besides the amazing beats It’s such a meaningful song to me.

GURL: What a damn good choice! Such a certified bop and perfect for some sickening, sexy dance moves!

GURL: You’ve got yourself a handsome, famous fiance – how did you meet? 

Savannah: I met my fiance on my second birthday trip to Las Vegas. We met at a nightclub out of drag and immediately clicked. To be honest i couldn’t stop staring at his eyes. They are my weakness. We kept in touch, neither of us knowing we were Queens. Since then we’ve been inseparable, deeper in LOVE, and the best Queen Couple Duo!!!

GURL: So what happens in Vegas…..leads to engagement! It’s amazing that you developed a love before the drag and now you’re slaying the game together, we love that.

GURL: Tell us a completely random fact about yourself?

Savannah: I used to say: “I would NEVER be a Drag Queen” Turns out, I was just missing out on all the FUN!!!!

GURL: You’re a Disney fan right? Which of the villains would you want to play in a live action drag remake?

Savannah: I LOVE DISNEY! It would be nice to experience the opposite side of my favourite character Ariel, so Ursula would be my choice!!! 

GURL: One of the most ICONIC villains ever, save us a seat for that show.

GURL: Finally, if you had to spend a year on an island with 4 other drag artists, who would you choose? 

Savannah: If my family counts, India Ferrah, Reign James, Rogue James, & Katelynn York. Otherwise, RuPaul, Naomi Evans, Tersa Mathews, & Adore Delano

GURL: To hell with it, you can have all of them since it’s such a bunch of absolute stunners – we’ll bring some drinks for ya’ll!

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