Spotlight: Skarlett Hoe Hanson



GURL: Introductions for those unaware, who are ya?

Skarlett: I am Skarlett Hoe Hanson, A brand new Queen from Newcastle but don’t let that fool you on what I’m capable of. My name comes from one of my favourite actresses “Scarlet Johansson” if it wasn’t obvious. My style of Drag I would like to say would is glamour fashion mixed with dark fantasy.

GURL: So your first ever performance was Drag Idol 2020, what made you enter as first gig?

Skarlett: Truth be told I did not enter myself, my Drag Mother entered me this year. Even though I personally think I was still no where near ready, it showed me that being on stage and lip syncing and I guess what you would call “dancing” is something I love to do.

GURL: What track would you love to perform next time you’re on stage?

Skarlett: I would love to perform to Dua Lipas “Physical”

GURL: We would fully be here for that, get practising!

GURL: Who was your inspiration for starting drag?

Skarlett: As cliche and boring as it sounds but Drag Race kind of dropped me into the world of Drag and the more I wanted the more I became intrigued. But one specific Queen that made me want to start was Kameron Michaels. She showed me that everything I love to do can be done through Drag.

GURL: Would you be more drawn to drag race or Dragula?

Skarlett: I would more be drawn to Drag Race than Dragula as from what I’ve seen of Dragula (yes I’ve only watched snippets don’t burn me at the stake) it is more costume and gory. Where as Drag Race is more based on fashion and there is more room for a variety of Queens across different styles compared to Dragula.

GURL: What’s your fave bop right now?

Skarlett: My favourite bop at the moment would be Ava Max’s “Kings and Queens” and the music video is stunning too

GURL: Ava Max is killing it so far tbf, more of her!

GURL: You’ve got from Von Kok to Hoe Hanson – who’s the next husband?

Skarlett: Whoever has the most money in their bank accounts and a shorter time to live. I guess the life span doesn’t matter. I could handle that myself

GURL: How different is Scarlet to Leon?

Skarlett: Scarlet is a confident woman who isn’t scared to stand up to a b***h, she takes want she wants and doesn’t care who is in her way. If life was a TV show Scarlet is that character the cast hate on the show but the audience love and want to be. Leon is just an average shy, geeky gay boy riddled with anxiety, who you can probably find down at The Yard (when it opens back up after this F****ng virus disappears) drinking either Gin or Strawhat Rosé

GURL: Now we’ve been out with Leon and we know he ain’t that shy (especially after a few of those gins!)

GURL: What does Scarlet drink to get her on the dancefloor?

Skarlett: This woman always has a Blood Orange Gin and Lemonade in her hand. Few of those and she’s up on that dance floor

GURL: Finally, which fellow performer should we follow?

Skarlett: Well I can’t just pick one so I’m gonna stick two in there. 2 is better than one I always say. But I would say go and follow Tragidy and Claudia Gaborè, they’re my favourite top 2 Queens and not just for Drag Idol 😉

GURL: We love em both so we’ll give you this one :p

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