Spotlight: Scarlett Harlett



GURL: Give us a little introduction to yourself?

Scarlett: Well I call myself the Danny Dyer of drag, which says it all really! And I mean the bloke too not his daughter. I also claim the title of being the Cockney Princess and the (heavily disputed) queen of the East End! I was born and raised on the Isle of Dogs in East London and I love to represent that in my drag. and I definitely put the dog in Isle of Dogs!

GURL: How did your drag adventure begin?

Scarlett: Well I was in collage at the time, a fresh faced 17 year old, and that’s when I discovered drag. I was so amazed by it that just like every other gay boy who put a towel on their head as a child and felt the fantasy, I aspired to do the same, so when I was 18 I entered a drag competition in a small bar in Soho which has now closed down, and I won! Then the shit-show began… (Can I swear? Hahaha)

GURL: We’ve definitely all had a fierce towel moment in our youth that’s for sure. Congratulations on immediately being a winner – let’s say this gives you the right to swear. (On our totally otherwise completely swear-free website….*cough*)

GURL: Where did you learn to do make-up?

Scarlett: Well thankfully I started drag in that little sweet spot when YouTube was getting super big and tutorials were becoming a thing. I remember there were like 3 tutorials max about drag makeup. One was all in Spanish so I just had to guess where she was putting what, and one was from Manila Luzon. I STUDIED that video. It’s burnt into my brain from watching it so much back then, so I went out and bought exactly what she used. I quickly realised that it didn’t all work for me because we have totally different face shapes and skin tones, but I slowly figured out what did work and practiced practiced practiced!

GURL: Oh we love a bit of Manila, that’s a great place to start. These days we’re pleased to see that many many more drag tutorials have made their way online, so now all the beautiful queer kids have a library of faces to try out! You’ve done an amazing job though, you’re stunning.

GURL: Did you always plan to go with the femme/beauty aesthetic for your drag?

Scarlett: Hmm, I think so! I guess it boils down to the fact that I used to get so confused about my gender growing up because I always wanted long hair and to wear dresses. I know now that I’m just more gender ambiguous and I like to flutter between the two, but that desire to be super girly stayed with me. Also I just couldn’t be bothered to spend tons of time putting on layers of big drag makeup, and I have quite a small girly face and no chin, that big makeup just doesn’t suit me!

GURL: Gender discovery is always super important so it’s great knowing that drag has allowed you to embrace all sides of yourself and turn those natural assets into art. It’s like you said before, everyone has a different face and you need to find what works for yours.

GURL: Your Instagram very subtly mentions you’ve been on TV and Film, where might people recognise you from?

Scarlett: Well other than Crimewatch and Banged Up Abroad.. I appeared on the ITV2 gameshow The Almost Impossible Gameshow. The stuff they made me do for a little medal and no pay is just sinful. What was I thinking! I was also on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, and had a cute little tearful cameo in the AbFab Movie. I was also on Your Face or Mine with Cheryl Hole and Tayce, and I competed in the RuPaul ambassador competition all those years ago with the gorgeous The Vivienne and Joe Black. Don’t trip on all those names I just dropped!

GURL: Ohhh we totally saw you on Crimewatch, didn’t you steal a pack of sausage rolls from Greggs? You’ve definitely been a busy little TV star and no doubt you’ll continue gracing our screens in the future. P.s we love a name drop!!!

GURL: Now we also know you can sing, are you looking to be a bit of a Broadway doll?

Scarlett: Well I think can hold a note (whether it’s one in tune is another story) but I wouldn’t call myself a Broadway doll. There are tons of better singer dancer queens out there than myself. I do drag to have fun and make people laugh. I act silly and stupid to disguise the fact that I’m sometimes off key and bopping along like a Dad after a couple beers. I’m just happy to act a fool to entertain!

GURL: Maybe an off….off…off Broadway doll, it could be amusing to see you being super femme and then going full dad to a classic dadaoke moment like Journey or Queen.

GURL: Of all your fabulous looks, which one are you most proud of currently?

Scarlett: I must say, I love the picture I have of me in the ball gown with the shawl and the up-do. It’s the classiest I’ve ever looked, which is saying something cause I normally dress like I charge by the hour! It’s the most glamorous I ever felt, which makes a welcomed change.

GURL: You look so beautiful and old school glam, that make-up too….wow!

GURL: What other hidden skills do you have in your belt?

Scarlett: Well what a lot of people don’t know about me is that I love to make people laugh. I’m not a fashion or make-up queen.. in fact if I could get to a position where someone does my makeup for me I’d be jumping for joy! I love to act, play characters and be silly. I like to be the class clown sometimes and I don’t take anything seriously. I’m also a very old school gay at heart and like to know my references. I think people who don’t know me or just see my Instagram perceive me to be a look queen (god knows how with the things that I wear!) but I’m way too common. You only have to hear me talk then you get the reality check.

GURL: Awww we love that though, it’s always great to know that there’s more to someone than just a gorgeous aesthetic. We’d totally come see you putting on a little act and being a funny lady with a microphone.

GURL: Outside of drag, how do you usually pass the time?

Scarlett: I’d love to say something super interesting, but I’m like an old indoor cat. I love to snuggle up and chill indoors. I spend time with friends of course, but drag is my main creative outlet and my life revolves around that a lot, so when I’m not wondering what Scarlett is doing I’m watching TV and eating my way through the fridge!

GURL: Honestly that just sounds super relatable, you can also find us curled up on the sofa with a pizza and a Netflix series – what’s not to love?

GURL: What has been your fave bop of the 2021 so far?

Scarlett: Hmm. That’s a tough one because I really don’t listen to modern music. I listen to Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Patti Labelle and Mariah Carey on an average day. I mean I remember off the top of my head that I really enjoyed Motivation by Normani, but I think that was released in 2019 so.. I’ll go with that so I’m not here all day…

GURL: Nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, there’s some fierce music in the archives and those are just a handful of legends. We’ll totally accept Motivation as a 2021 adjacent answer, we’re basically still in 2019 anyway after the pandemic.

GURL: Bit of a random one but which dessert do you think best represents you?

Scarlett: Well I’m not a big dessert eater I must admit, I’m much more of a savoury Sally, but I do enjoy an Apple Pie! A crispy, what seems like a hard outer shell, but when you dig deep it’s a lovely warm filling. Oh I feel naughty even typing that. How does Nigella do it?!

GURL: Oooo, we’ll have a slice with a splash of cream please….Nigella would be proud of that right?

GURL: Finally, if you were going to take over the world, which three fellow drag stars would you want by your side?

Scarlett: Hmm, that’s a tough one! Well if were talking about already famous drag stars I’d say Lady Bunny for one. She’s one of the funniest queens I’ve ever seen and she’s a massive inspiration on how to grow old disgracefully. I’ll take Porkchop because she deserves it, and you’ll never go hungry! And I gotta take the hilarious viral sensation Bailey Mills. Absolutely love her and she’s already on her way to becoming a star so it’s meant to be.

GURL: Can’t argue with those legends for sure!

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