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GURL: Give our viewers a little introduction to yourself?

Sister Sister: Hiya chickens! No you’re not hallucinating. There’s no need to adjust your TV sets – it’s Sister Sister here, your favourite joss stick-burning aunt who gets drunk at family gatherings and takes great pleasure in spilling everyone’s uncomfortable secrets. I love it!

GURL: When did you first dabble in the world of drag?

Sister Sister: I grew up watching 80’s Jem & The Holograms cartoons. Those girls would hit the streets with the most obnoxious makeup smeared across their faces, it really inspired me – and the best part was that nobody mentioned it to them! They were dressed like they were shooting a cheesy music video at all times even when they were nipping the shops. I love that. Cut to me three years ago. I bought my first box of cheap paints and started painting my signature orb. And the rest, as they say, is herstory. 

GURL: Walking round like you’re in an 80’s vid is absolutely a mood, we often walk around lip syncing like we’re famous divas so why not add some eccentric make up to the mix! #Glam

GURL: Are there certain people you look too for inspiration when it comes to your art?

Sister Sister: I’m a comedy queen first and foremost. I grew up on british comedy; French & Saunders, Victoria Wood, Kathy Burke, Jo Brand etc. My drag aesthetic comes from a mashup of 60s and 80s powerhouse fashion. When you put those things together a monster is born!

GURL: A beautiful, comical monster with fabulous fashion!

GURL: What has been your favourite memory of performing so far?

Sister Sister: My first ever comedy roast at (the since dismantled, RIP) Her Upstairs in Camden during a stand-up comedy challenge. I was very new to drag at the time and shitting myself so much that I very nearly walked out before curtains. But I put on my sexiest dress, necked a tequila and threw myself out there. That was the night I knew being a funny bitch was gonna be my thing. And I won the challenge obvs.

GURL: If you could tour with any two drag artists, who would be the dream choices?

Sister Sister: Peppermint for sure. She has a really powerful aura. I could listen to Peppermint read the telephone book. And Sasha Velour. Sasha’s played a huge part in getting me on stage with her visuals. She’s a classy clever bird who sticks to her creative guns, I really respect that bald lady. I have to throw in Dina Martina as well. I saw her at the Soho theatre a few years ago and genuinely pissed myself a bit. Her comedic timing is unsurpassed. If you don’t know her yet check out her youtube videos. You’re welcome!

GURL: Now that right there is a tour we’re on board with. We really want to go drinking with Peppermint, she just seems like such a fun time. Oh and don’t get us started on Sasha, queen of visual art. Here’s a bit of Dina for good measure:

GURL: How was your experience coming out as a member of the queer community?

Sister Sister: I dislike coming-out culture. It’s an unnecessary confession rooted in patriarchy. Is it too early for this? Put the kettle on… My advice would be to treat it as you letting a loved one in rather than a coming-out. And remember whatever the outcome you have the support of a million queer ancestors behind you.

GURL: Couldn’t agree more, the only people you should need to “come out” to is yourself, which is more a matter of self discovery than anything else. There’s plenty of love and support in the queer community and we’re only getting stronger.

GURL: Which musical artist do you relate to most?

Sister Sister: I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve drunk cried to Dusty Springfield performances. The woman was a hero. She was the first British artist to have a clause written into her contract stating she wouldn’t perform to segregated audiences. All that and a triple stacked wig. What a camp cow!

GURL: Outside of drag, what is your biggest interest?

Sister Sister: I am obsessed with interior design, I actually have a degree in it. I grew up building houses on The Sims and then my dramatic arse decided to take it one step further and study it. Typical Virgo. Before drag (BD) I ran a studio in London wheeling and dealing furniture and designing wallpaper. I’m actually quite gay for mid-century design. My house looks like a museum (dusty and haunted).

GURL: A queer with a keen eye for interior design? Shocking! Please invite us to your dusty, haunted museum for cocktails xo

GURL: Do you have a favourite dad joke?

Sister Sister: Yeah, mine.

GURL: Relatable content tbh

GURL: Would you prefer to be the hero or the villain in a Disney movie?

Sister Sister: Oh, a villain for sure. Villains have the best layered backstories. So complicated. Plus they come queer-coded.

GURL: Don’t forget their soundtracks, always far more dramatic and enjoyable! (Cut to us performing Mother Knows Best)

GURL: What are your aspirations for the future?

Sister Sister: After travelling the world and meeting all my underground iconic heroes I will return home to transform my 7 bedroom townhouse into an actual fully functioning museum. Put everything on display in the gift shop. It’s the Sister Sister sale – everything must go!

GURL: Finally, which of your fellow queer artists should everyone check out?

Sister Sister: The following queers gag me on the regular: Glew, Joy Less, Chiyo, Me, Lilly SnatchDragon, Mark Anthony and Bones, and my favourite singer of all time VEDA BLACK (stream Sad Girls Club, you’re welcome) x

GURL: That’s a whole collection of amazing people, many of which we already know and love ourselves! #StreamSadGirlsClub

Thanks for the interview gorgeous <3

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