Spotlight: Suzi Looz



GURL: First things first, give us a little introduction to yourself?

Suzi: Alright babs ! My name’s Suzi Looz and I’m a drag artist from sunny Tipton. I have a strong love for all things punk and stupid, which I love to incorporate into my drag. You might’ve seen me roaming round Hurst Street in Birmingham – Tipton fan in one hand, can of cider in the other.

GURL: Where did the inspiration come from to do drag?

Suzi: I had a couple of friends who performed in drag, so I went to see them at some local shows and my love grew from there! I’d regularly go and watch drag shows in Birmingham, and after going out in drag makeup on several occasions I realised that I’d love to perform in drag too! 

GURL: We feel like you’d naturally be performing on a night out anyway and drag just fit in nicely – like a camp and colourful puzzle piece!

GURL: Have you faced any boundaries as a woman within the drag community?

Suzi: The Birmingham scene is an incredibly accepting and safe space for me, and many others, as a drag artist. Since I started performing I’ve received nothing but positivity from my fellow artists! Of course you get the odd comment from random passers by who cannot understand that me, an AFAB drag artist, exists. But overall my experience has been incredibly positive – I’m surrounded by some amazing artists, who push me to be myself and channel me through everything I do. 

GURL: That’s amazing! Drag comes in so many different forms that it’s crazy to think people want to implement limitations – thankfully a lot of them change their mind when they have a chance to be educated (or have their wig snatched at a show).

GURL: As part of the Drag Punk family you must work alongside some amazing people – who has given you the most advice/help?

Suzi: Everybody in Dragpunk inspires me in so many different ways! My drag mother, Amber Cadaverous, has been an incredible support system for me throughout my time in drag – from giving me performance opportunities to lil support sessions when I’m feeling down, she’s there for me 24/7, along with the rest of Dragpunk. We truly are a family, and I love working alongside such a talented, caring team of people! 

GURL: Awww Amber is truly a babe, what a great drag mum you’ve got there!

GURL: Which of your looks is your absolute favourite?

Suzi: One of my favourite looks would probably be the look with that big, mad, red, twizzly horn wig I created a few months ago. Throughout lock-down I’ve also been experimenting more with some drag king looks, so I loved my blue and orange drag king look! 

GURL: That red wig is crazy, as everyone can see at the start of the interview! We absolutely adore the combination of colours for your drag king vibe – absolutely stunning.

GURL: Which song do you have no choice but to lip sync to every time it plays?

Suzi: The Boney M Megamix – extended version, of course you know I know every word too, 6 mins of pure perfection babs

GURL: If you could host a gig with any 3 famous drag artists, who would you choose?

Suzi: Landon Cider (honestly what a fitty), Sasha Velour (the VISUALS, am actually dead) and Adore Delano (because the world deserves an absolute punk legend)

GURL: That would be one of THE most gag-worthy gigs ever, who do we have to contact to make this happen?!

GURL: What are your goals for the future?

Suzi: Honestly, I have no current goals set for the future regarding my drag – I’m really enjoying just experimenting and performing, and also exploring the world of drag that isn’t shown on mainstream TV. I’m just here to have an absolute blast u know what I mean

GURL: Tell us a totally random fact about yourself outside of your drag?

Suzi: I once had a dream that Tracy Barlow from Corrie had a go at me in KFC over a hot chocolate

GURL: Are we sure it was a dream?

GURL: Finally, give us two fabulous fellow entertainers to follow?

Suzi: Don’t make me pick just two I begggggg! Deffo follow my good Judy Cider Goblin (punk icon, wears a stupid amount of chains, absolutely love that) and Effy Raine (a fellow member of Dragpunk – they are an insanely talented makeup artist and killer performer), also follow every member of Dragpunk, and Kings “N” Things which is another collective I am a part of, created by Christian Gay and Victor Velvet

GURL: We’ll let you off since there’s a whole bunch of fabulous people in that list!

Go find the lovely Suzi on Instagram right away!

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