Spotlight: Venus Envy



GURL: Give us a little introduction to who you are?

Venus: My name is Venus Envy, I live in Orlando Florida, and I’ve been doing drag for nearly 5 years. I’m best known for my social media presence, my signature makeup, and being a woman who does drag.

GURL: What inspired you to first start doing drag?

Venus: I’ve always loved the art of drag, ever since I was maybe 14, but at the time I didn’t think it was something I could pursue. When I moved to Orlando for college at 18 and experienced the drag scene first-hand, I realised how diverse it is and how many opportunities were available for newer queens. That’s when I got my start. I started out as a Lady Gaga impersonator and gradually evolved into doing drag as my own character.

GURL: Who would be your dream artist to work with?

Venus: As I mentioned earlier, I got my start as a Lady Gaga impersonator. She is by far my most performed artist and a lot of my costumes, dance moves, and mannerisms are inspired by her. I already collaborate with Haus Labs and I would absolutely love the opportunity to work with Lady Gaga one day!

GURL: We can totally picture your story coming full circle and having a kiki with mother monster. That would be so sweet and we’re totally here for it – we all know she loves herself some drag after all!

GURL: You focus a lot on the eyes especially, do you have a favourite look?

Venus: My eyes are definitely the most detailed part of my face and my favourite part to do. My favourite eye look is probably this one, because I love using harsh lines and bold colours

GURL: It makes for an absolutely stunning look, we live for a bold eye.

GURL: Which make-up brands do you usually stick to?

Venus: My foundation and contour is Kryolan, which is probably my most-used brand. My favourite lipsticks are Nyx Liquid Suede. I use a bunch of different eye shadow palettes, but my favourites are from Beauty Bay and Viseart. My favourite lashes are by Hell Lashes. I switch between Haus Labs and Wet n Wild for eyeliner (I go through a lot of eyeliner) and lately I’ve been using Nyx white liquid eyeliner to add details to my face.

GURL: What is your favourite song to lip-sync?

Venus: Untouched by The Veronicas is my favourite lip-sync song. I love the energy, it’s easy to dance to, and the lip sync is so quick that I feel like it’s impressive on its own

GURL: Literally one of THE best throwback songs!

GURL: Who do you think is the most iconic Disney Villain?

Venus: I think Cruella DeVil is the most iconic Disney villain because she’s not inherently evil. She isn’t a supernatural creature, she doesn’t have powers, she has no in-depth character arc – She’s just a rich older woman with questionable fashion sense who wants a coat made from dalmatians

GURL: We absolutely can’t argue with that, the things a rich old lady will do for fashion aye? We feel like you did an elevated version of here with this look.

Credit: Black Rose Photography

GURL: Would you see yourself more as a Ru Girl or a Dragula Ghoul?

Venus: Aesthetically, I think I’d be more of a RuGirl, but I definitely get along better with the Dragula Ghouls.

GURL: What does the future hold for you?

Venus: At the moment, I’m balancing a full-time professional day job and doing drag on the side. I would say drag is more than a hobby for me, but it’s not a career just yet. Because of the demands of my day job, I mostly do drag online. I love posting photos to Instagram and creating videos on TikTok, and in the near future, I’d like to start a YouTube channel and start streaming on Twitch. I would love for drag to be my full-time career eventually, and I’m hoping to make that happen for myself through social media.

GURL: Well you’ve certainly got the talent so be sure to dream big, all it takes is the right viral video and everyone will know your name after all. We’ll be keeping an eye on you that’s for sure!

GURL: Which two of your fellow drag stars would you recommend we follow? 

Venus: Creme Fatale and Axel Andrews are two non-traditional drag entertainers who have been huge inspirations to me.

GURL: Two incredibly talented artists that we already follow ourselves and would fully encourage also!

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