Spotlight: Whitney Bae



GURL: Give us a little introduction to yourself?

Whitney: Hi I’m Whitney Bæ, a drag queen who’s really giving it a go! From the sunny shores of Whitley bay, Whitney is nothing you want but everything you need!

GURL: Where did the inspiration to take up drag come from?

Whitney: I think the inspiration for drag came from all of the women who used to watch on tv when I was younger ( you can find out who they are over on my Women Who Made Me Gay series on my Instagram). I also took huge inspiration not to do drag so much but as to just be myself from my dad, he taught me all I needed to appreciate all the parts of me which ultimately lead to the birth of Whitney. 

GURL: How long have you been doing drag now?

Whitney: I believe the first time i dressed in women’s clothes  was when I was about three! I paired my GI Joe army uniform with a set of angel wings, a camp little tiara and two glass slippers, all topped off with rings and clip on earrings of course

GURL: This is possibly the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time – living that gender fluid life. Who says you can’t be an army princess anyway?

GURL: Who are you dying to work with?

Whitney: The list for people I am dying to work with is endless! Shea and Gigi from drag race, Ellis Atlantis , Lil and Silly girl to name a few! The one person I would love to do some drag with is my sister, Eleanor! She has a drag queen hidden somewhere in her I JUST KNOW IT !!!!

GURL: Do you have a favourite track for performances? 

Whitney: I am a deep lover of old ‘gay’ music and of course comedy tracks are number one in my repertoire. I really love my vaginal dryness number I perform which is a mix up of the weather girls its raining men and some snippets of Jenny eclair ! You have to see it to believe it. This track was my debut number in the water rats in London and also the first track I performed at the bank bar here in Newcastle. 

GURL: Who doesn’t love some classic camp vibes? We’ll definitely take it over vaginal dryness :’)

GURL: Which look of yours are you proudest of so far?

Whitney: I am my own biggest fan but also my biggest critic so I see all of my looks as great! (How obnoxious I know) but if I have to pick a favourite look I would have to pick the one I wore for new years which I so cleverly named “the pink alien mam just having a good time”, the dress hair and corset where all made by the amazingly talented Opium and my beauty was captured by Haydn brown photography

GURL: Literally don’t think the name could be more accurate, you look great. (How could you not with such talented folk backing you up?!)

GURL: Outside of drag, what hobbies do you have?

Whitney: Drag pretty much consumes my life there is rarely a moment where I’m not thinking about drag, working on something for drag or doing drag! But in these rarities I am obsessed with food, films and raising my three dogs, Elvis, Daisy and Pearl. 

GURL: Food, films and dogs……count us in! Just look at those cuties <3

GURL: Where in the world would you like to travel?

Whitney: I have always wanted to visit Dollywood in Tennessee to pay my respect to the mother of all queens, Dolly Parton herself. I am also dying to visit New York, I’ve had my outfits planned for this trip since I was like 11. 

GURL: Omg take us with you to both of these please!

GURL: Tell us something totally random about yourself?

Whitney: Something people find random about me is how particular I am about the rice I will eat. If its not the right colour of white  or thickness/ length I won’t have it anywhere near me! Another little know fact about me is that I am red green colour blind, you could never tell by my fashionnnnn 😉 

GURL: Who would you recommend our readers to follow next?

Whitney: If you aren’t already you need to be following my drag Haus the Haus of Cunny; Venus Dimilo, ill health, Choriza May, Opium, Rachael, Rex Uranus – they some of the best drag performers and supporters in the country I believe I wouldn’t be looking as good as I am if it wasn’t for them. I cannot even begin to express the amount of love I have for them, they are truly some of my favourite people in the universe ! Everyone should also go check out the amazingly talented Haydn B Photography, he is the BEST at what he dose!!  

GURL: That’s a darn good bunch of fabulous people right there, definitely worth a follow!

You can find the fabulous Whitney over on her Instagram below!

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