Spotlight: Zodi



GURL: First things first; introductions, who the hell are ya? 

Zodi: My name is Zodi (Zoddy if ya nasty), I’m a non-binary drag artist based in Birmingham (England), living for all things camp and creative!

GURL: How long have you been performing? 

Zodi: My first ever performance was in October 2018 so nearly a year and a half now, but I didn’t start performing regularly till I moved to Birmingham 6 months ago!  

GURL: What’s been your favourite performance so far?

Zodi: I think my favourite performance I’ve ever done is my cock destroyers mix, inspired by the absolute icons Rebecca Moore and Sophie Anderson (a.k.a ‘the cock destroyers’), it was so fun to perform and was a time I could really let loose and cause a bit of mayhem hehe. 

GURL: This is pure filth and we are fully living for it!

GURL: Show us one of your most fabulous looks?

Zodi:  One of my favourite looks I’ve ever created was my cheetah print facekini, I felt so pretty in it I didn’t want to take it off!

GURL: Well damn, we wouldn’t blame you if that became your everyday look, wow.

GURL: Who are your biggest idols?

Zodi: Some of my biggest celebrity idols include the likes of Lady Gaga and Kameron Michaels, but my biggest idols, in general, have to be members of my queer family/community here in Birmingham, every one of them inspires me in such beautiful ways and teach me to be a better person every day.

GURL: Tell us something absolutely random about yourself?

Zodi: Possibly the weirdest thing about me is I just really hate lampshades, and not in an ‘ew they’re ugly’ kind of way (even though they are) but in a way that they just really piss me off, they give me the kind of feelings a school bully would and they’re just SO POINTLESS LIKE WHAT’S THE POINT OF THEM OH MY GOD.

GURL: We….honestly never thought we would hear someone be so passionate about their hatred toward lampshades.

GURL: Any advice for someone wanting to embrace the art of drag? 

Zodi:  If you want to get into drag id say; JUST DO IT! what’s stopping you?? give it a go, if it’s not for you then cool you can pretend it never even happened, but if it IS for you then there you go you’ve just unlocked a whole new magical part of life you haven’t had the chance to explore before. Take it one step at a time, everyone’s drag journey is different!

GURL: One song to be your anthem, go! 


This is almost as shocking as lampshade gate but okay, we’re down for a but of JLS! (We totally forgot how much of a twink Ashton was too).

GURL: If you had to recommend us a fellow fierce entertainer, who should we hit up? 

Zodi: If you want fierce drag entertainers then go hit up the mothers meeting collective from Birmingham! the members include; Jay Andre, Jenna Davinci, Dahliah Rivers, Elliott Barnicle and Nora Virus. They’re all incredibly talented and no I’m not being biased! 

GURL: Awww we love a drag collective – who cares if it’s biased!

GURL: Finally, what’s your fave design from our collection? 

Zodi: It may be predictable but I’ve gotta say the black and red ‘Daddy’ tee! Love it!

GURL: Well who doesn’t enjoy a daddy really?

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