This Week With DanCooleDaily



Oh pals, it’s been a weird week, this week. I don’t quite know how or why, but everything seems to be a little out of sorts. Things are just a little upside down and inside out in general at the minute, but this is one of those weeks where I have really noticed it. Let me tell you for why in my usual waffle of a way. 

This week, I got to spend some socially distanced time with my closest friends, for one of their birthdays. It was meant to be a fun afternoon with some gin and a catch up of our time apart. Only, I picked up the wrong gin on the way out of the door, it rained all afternoon and I just wasn’t really vibing, you know? On Saturday, we had a slight panic as someone we know really struggled with a battle against their mental health. I also found out that someone who I have spoken to for a few months online now had sadly lost their battle. My work deadlines have been constantly changing and my sleeping pattern has lost any sort of normality. For example, I am writing this at 4:30 in the morning. Trying to get back to some sort of fitness regime, I have been walking 5km a day for the past week, only every time I have ventured out, there has been a thunderstorm, so I’ve ended up soaked wet through and not in the I-just-saw-Tom-Holland-naked type of way.

I have felt a slight disconnect from the world in general, and so my week has been spent trying to find the little joys in life. 

On Tuesday, I spent the entire afternoon watching the best arguments from the Real Housewives of Atlanta – which, as a side note, is the best of the Real Housewives franchise and I will die on that hill. I only intended to watch an argument that had popped into my head but 4 hours later I was watching complications of Nenes biggest fights.

On the topic of TV, I recently discovered that season 4 of This is Us has hit Amazon Prime. If you haven’t seen it yet, please go and watch it. Please. It’s the most incredible, intricate show in existence. In short, it follows the lives of triplets as adults, but heavily relies on flashbacks to their childhoods. It’s about their lives as adults, but focuses too on how they grew up and the experiences they’ve had through life. It stars Mandy Moore and it is just incredible. I end every episode in tears. Mostly happy tears, but sometimes sad tears and at times overwhelmed tears. It really is a thought provoking show, and I need you all to down tools and watch it. It invokes you to look at your own journey through life. 

Over the weekend, I made the inevitable journey from brunette to grey silver dad. I love my hair grey, I love how it makes me feel slightly attractive. So, as a gay in the middle of a week long crisis, it was only natural that I grab the peroxide and box dye. I’ve been really taking care of my skin too and it is finally starting to glow, so there is another small win in a strange and uncertain few days, I guess. 

I’ve been hearing you all when you say you miss the videos too, by the way. I planned a month of videos that I wanted to spend this week filming, but the weird week continues into three different memory cards corrupting each time I try to sit down and film. 

Noticing my absence and my daily struggle with the world, my best friend Laura went above and beyond to give me some sort of smile this week. She sent me a gift and a card through the post, just to remind me that weird weeks are just that. Weeks. They aren’t forever, and they aren’t something you are eternally damned to live with. Weird weeks come and weird weeks go and sometimes we have really good, positive and productive weeks, whilst others we need to take a minute to watch back to back episodes of the Real Housewives and give our brains a rest. It was the gentle nudge I needed and so with that and my night time viewing of the GemGoddess on YouTube I have found a way to muster through to the other side. The GemGoddess, if you didn’t know, gives general tarot readings on the ol’YouTube and I am currently OBSESSED. Seriously. This week I have discovered that I’ve already met my soulmate, that I am going to receive some incredible news towards the end of this month and that I need to cut off a toxic friendship in order to move forward with my life. WILD TIMES. Although, if I carry on cutting the toxic branches from my tree, I will be stump by Christmas. But, whilst we are on the subject, if any of you are toying with the idea of breaking free from the toxic chains of a poor friendship, take this as your sign to do it. I did it last year with someone who I thought would be in my life forever. It was one of the best things I have done for myself. It allowed me to continue to grow in the right direction, and I cannot stress how important it is to put yourself first in those type of situations. 

Someone asked me on Twitter this week if there was an update on the boy 180 minutes away and no, there isn’t. We let him go a while back, because the situation was slowly become hostile and negative and if you have followed me for a while, you’ll remember how I declared 2020 as the year we use our 2020 vision to see through all the situations that aren’t good for us. So we have moved on, ladies. But we’re not going to talk about him just yet, because I like the idea of it just being between us for now. 

And so, we have come to the end of another weekly round up. I am tired, and I am grumpy, but next week will be a better week, for all of us. I promise. Jack Garratt dropped his new album on Friday and if you haven’t listened to it, then I highly recommend you do so. Doctor Please has been the soundtrack to my week, so start there and work your way through.

Black Lives Still Matter.

Trans Lives Still Matter. 

We cannot and we will not forget this as we move through our lives, more educated and more aware than we perhaps were just a couple of weeks ago. 

Love you.

Dan x