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I never thought I’d be here writing another column, but apparently the Mayans were wrong. Again. I always love the air of mystery that surrounds us whenever the end of the world is nigh. And then I often find myself oddly disappointed to wake up the next day and everything is exactly as it was. Please tell me it’s not just me? It’s not that I want the world to end, I don’t, but it’s the slight disappointment that all the hype and build up was for nothing. 

When I’ve not been disappointed that the world hasn’t ended, I’ve had a really good week this week. I got to escape to the beach for a day. Granted it wasn’t all for fun, but it was nice to be a Pisces by the sea. I got to sit on the rocks and drink my first Starbucks since lockdown began. I got to have some good conversations and I even narrowly avoided an awkward encounter with an ex-boss of mine. All round, it was a winner of a day. Now that the world is slowly coming back to its norm, I think it’s incredible to see us begin to piece our lives back together and get back to what was familiar, but with a new approach. 

Like most of the population, I have spent the past week reliving some of the most iconic Big Brother moments. It was such an iconic show, and gave us the likes of Jade Goody, and Josie Gibson. Who can forget Jane fainting in the pool after being hit with a sponge and the iconic Fight Night when a whole buffet was weaponised. I always feel a little sad with how Big Brother ended. It became less authentic as it moved to channel 5 and whilst the celebrity iterations were unforgettable, the civilian season got more and more unnatural with each summer. I was offered a spot on the last season of the show, and I’d never filled in an application form. It didn’t feel right and so I walked away, but if it was to move back to channel 4 and return to it’s origins, then I could be persuaded. 

I also discovered Good Girls this week. I say discovered like it was all my own doing, but Stu, one of the faces behind this wonderful website, suggested it to me. It’s like he knew me better than I know myself. Good Girls is incredible. Three housewives mixed up with a life of crime? Whats not to love. The comedic timing is iconic. The humour is shade. I am living for Good Girls. 

We finally got some good news in the world of social media this week, too. Katie Hopkins had her account permanently suspended. If I know Katie Hopkins like I think I know Katie Hopkins, however, she will be back under some new alias or private account within weeks. Whilst I am all for free speech, and often welcome a healthy educational debate, there is a line that gets severely crossed when it becomes hate-speech. I think when you are given a platform in this world, you need to use it for the good side of things. I feel you need to hold yourself accountable and realise that the words you say have a huge influence on the people who are part of your bubble. For her to use that platform to spread hate, to instigate violence and to bully people for things they cannot change has been completely disgusting to see. For once, Twitter came through and stood up for those who Katie has tried so tirelessly to silence. Now, if they could just add that edit button… 

This week, I started working on a 30 day project that I cannot talk about just yet. (Sorry to be that guy!) But it involves me overhauling my life and trying things with the end goal to reach happiness. As part of the project I’ve been forced into a whole new fitness regime and diet. I have always loved being curvy and I will forever embrace my DadBod, but sometimes I do wonder if I would be happier if I was in a different body. For scientific – and television purposes, I am about to find out. I have already cried twice because I craved pear drops and 5 chicken selects, a double cheeseburger and a vanilla milkshake. I also got really angry yesterday that I couldn’t have cheese on toast. So…it’s going well, pals. I will obviously report back as the month rolls on, but I am already realising that I was comfortable and happy with who I am. So it’ll be interesting to see what the outcome of this is. 

Later this week, my favourite girl band of all time are due to drop their comeback single. In fact, no, let me change this. My favourite girl band of all time besides the Spice Girls, are due to drop their new single on Friday. BLACKPINK are the most boppiest, sassiest and fundamentally perfect KPop queens of all time. They had a slot at Coahella last year and I just don’t have any shame in admitting they are my guilty pleasure. For that reason, they are my music suggestion of the week. Kill This Love, As if It’s Your Last and even a collab on Gagas latest album. They are perfect

Until next week 

Dan x