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It would feel wrong of me to start this column with the usual tale of my weird week. I could start by giving you the update on my dating life, or I could talk about this weeks television, which I will get to, but first we need to talk about one of the most tragic losses that we have witnessed for a long time.

Naya Rivera tragically lost her life this week, in an accident that would see her last moments used to save the life of her son. There are times where celebrities pass and we feel little impact, but this one will stay with me for a while. Growing up, I was the musical theatre kid. I studied performing arts at every chance possible, I auditioned for every school play and I dedicated both my college diploma and my university degree to performing. In school, I took my drama GCSE early and played my part in many performance festivals across the country. I was in the top 1% of grades in the Trinity Guildhall speech and drama exam, too. But being the drama kid wasn’t cool. In fact, it was one of the main reasons I was heavily bullied. And then, one day, Glee appeared and suddenly for a minute, I was cool. I was understood by my peers and I managed to walk down the corridor without being laughed at. Overnight, I became a total Gleek, and I followed it in awe. It was a show that defined my generation, that gave me confidence to be who I truly was and allowed me to feel like I wasn’t a total outcast. Rivera’s character, Santana, was also a huge comfort for people like me. She was the first gay character I remember connecting with, the first that helped me to understand how to accept myself in a world of people that weren’t always so accepting. Her loss is tragic. It’s one of those celebrity passings that will sit with me for a while. And my thoughts go out to everyone who had love for both Naya, and Santana. 

Over the weekend, I got to reunite with my favourite human. She’s the girl you all thought saw her ex in church with his wife and kids, the person who I get asked about the most (second to Benson, of course). Me and Laura finally got to spend some time together on Saturday and it was like no time had passed. I am really grateful that we are at the stage of lockdown where we can start catching up with the people we love. Although, together we are quite spiritual to the point of leaving a shop whilst buying tarot cards because we both had a bad feeling. Go figure??

Elsewhere, I have taken a vow not to watch the final two episodes of I May Destroy You just yet, for in two weeks I am travelling cross country, and I promised the person I am visiting that we will watch it together. With food. They don’t know it’s with food. But I have every intent of there being food. Hopefully it’ll be those sour cream and chive pretzels in the green bag. They’re my favourite. But for now, no plot spoilers please. If you haven’t seen it yet, may I give you a final friendly nudge to spend some time on what is, in my opinion, the best TV we’ve had for a long time. 

I have however, finally caught up with the latest season of Killing Eve and…. Meh. I don’t know if they were spoiling us with the first two seasons, I don’t know if the storyline just fell a little flat this time around, but something was missing. I wanted Villanelle in overdramatic dresses and Eve to be her usual comedic self. I feel like we didn’t enough of that this time, and with it already renewed for season four, I can’t help but wonder if 3 will be the season we just don’t talk about?

Before I leave you for another week, I want to take this time to ask you to WEAR A MASK. When I went to visit Laura on Saturday, I was one of a handful who were wearing masks on the train. Masks are mandatory on trains, just FYI. But also, with the government introducing mandatory mask wearing in all shops later this month, we are seeing a lot of backlash over the need to wear them. I have two points to make on this. First of all, wearing a mask is a lot better than being hooked up to a ventilator, and sure you might think you aren’t going to end up in that situation – but is it really worth the risk? And secondly, as somebody who has a doctor in his close circle, wearing a mask for 20 minutes in Tesco is a lot easier than him wearing one for his entire 12 hour shift. Don’t be selfish, please. As a side note, Bad Wear Day have masks available. Support small businesses where you can. 

My music for this week comes to you in the form of Bang Bang Romeo. They are a rock-esque band with a huge hint of The Gossip. I saw them last year as they supported Pink on her Beautiful Trauma tour, and they were phenomenal. Chemical is my favourite track, so start there and work your way through their small (but growing) catalogue. 

Until next week, you cool cats and kittens. 

Dan x