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It is I, your favourite internet disaster, back for another instalment of “The Ways in Which I Completely Embarrassed Myself This Week.” Just kidding, there are far too many ways in which I embarrass myself on a weekly basis to squeeze into one column. Maybe one day I’ll write a book all about the times I threw up on my dates, saw married exes in church and fell over. Because reader, I fall over, a lot. On two occasions in the past seven days I have slipped down the stairs and landed on my arse. At this point there is no hope.

Anyway, I digress. This week I wrapped up a challenging 30 work days, and I have all the feels. It’s been an exciting experience, but it’s also been consuming and at times I’ve found myself completely caught up in it all. I hate to be that person, but unfortunately I cannot say more, just yet. But you’ll see soon. Hopefully. But this is me and something is bound to go wrong along the way. 

The beauty community of YouTube continued to implode this week with Jeffree Stars absolutely awful take on an apology video. Where he didn’t really apologise, smugly threatened that his lawyers are involved and then tried to weaponise the Black Lives Matter movement in order to distract from his own awful, disgustingly racist behaviour. At this point I am tired

I recently discovered that Netflix has the full series of Humans. Is this a new thing? It is a phenomenal show, and I remember it being a full on storm during its original run on Channel 4. It was set in the not so distant future where households could purchase synths, which were essentially robots, but very life like, but there’s twists and turns and it verges on Black Mirror territory at times. Highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. Whilst I am on the topic of classics making their way to Netflix, I have one thing to say to you. Kath and Kim. Watch it. Immediately. It’s hilarious. It’s my go to rewatch whenever I just want to stick something on the telebox.

Then there is Looking. I have started rewatching Looking this week. One of the best (in my opinion) LGBTQ+ dramas that mainstream television ever had. It’s very raw, very honest, very funny, and also very Russell Tovey. Yes. Russell Tovey. And Russell Tovey’s bum. Sometimes, when I pull my hoodie around my ears I look a little like Russell Tovey. But I’ll never have the Russell Tovey bum. Looking was the first LGBTQ+ show that I remember being of a professional mainstream nature. I don’t know if anybody else finds this, but I often feel like queer programmes across Netflix et al are often underfunded, under-scripted and with a blah production. Looking, Tales of the City and the Channel 4 trilogy of Cucumber, Banana and Tofu all got what they deserved and more, but I just feel like queer shows need the same package that non-queer shows get. It would massively help with education, awareness and visibility. 

I know, I know, I am overloading you with the tele suggestions this week, but the truth is that I still haven’t watched the finale of I May Destroy You and it is killing me. However, I spoke to the person I’m watching it with next week and it was confirmed that there would be snacks. And that those snacks would be in the form of the sour cream and chive pretzels in the green bag. I just hope it is worth it, dear reader. The snacks and the trip, not I May Destroy You. From what I’ve seen of your tweets, the final two episodes are incredible. I cannot wait to finally sit down and watch it. What are the chances I’ll cry? Someone has already told me that I’ll cry. 

My niece turned 9 this week. If you didn’t know, my two nieces are my best pals. I can’t wait for them to come to my house when they storm out after an argument. I will probably take them on their first Canal Street adventure and I will definitely give their partners the talk. But for now, they are just little humans, one of whom is obsessed with hiding and the other is obsessed with LOL Dolls. Reader, I never ever want to see an LOL Doll again. I got her LOL Monopoly, in LOL wrapping paper with an LOL card. And I suddenly realised when I was a child, it was all about the Pokemon cards, the Pokemon cakes and the Pokemon wrapping paper. Though I’ll never forgive one of my bothers for wiping my completed Pokemon Yellow because he wanted to see what starter Pokemon were available. Urgh. 

From Russel Tovey to LOL Dolls, it’s time to leave you with a musical suggestion. Honestly, new music has been a bit dry of late, if you have any suggestions please find me on twitter (DanCooleDaily) and throw some suggestions into my messages. Troye Sivan dropped a new single this week and it is beautiful. It’s got this really addictive beat, with really sad lyrics and there is a little woo! in the chorus that I’m obsessed with. A beautiful juxtaposition of a song. Listen to Easy when you can. 

Until next week, my dears 

Dan x