This Week With DanCooleDaily



Well, we finally did it pals. We finally sat down to watch the final two episodes of I May Destroy You. I didn’t get my green pretzels, however we did get glory in the form of Dominos. A winner. I have made it no secret that I have been an advocate for the most through provoking television that we have had for years. Each episode has been gripping and emotional challenging, forcing us to take a long hard look at ourselves and the way in which we exist in our sex lives.  However, I don’t know. I don’t know. It felt a little flat. It felt a little odd in places. I am not sure if it’s because I need to watch it again alone, or I need to just really concentrate with the ending. But we shall see. How did we all feel about it? I will definitely be rewatching it at some point soon, just to see if I can get my head around it all. Because something just fell a little short and I cannot work out what.

It’s been a good week in TV this week, though. I have nearly finished season three of Good Girls (available on Netflix now). I have finished The Politician season 2, which was very underwhelming, I am sorry. And, I spent my weekend watching various documentaries. I am a fiend for a documentary, I cannot explain my love for documentaries, but they are just always there for me you know?

Elsewhere this week, I took a three hour train journey to be with one of my favourite humans. It was worth the cross country journey. I survived wearing a face mask for three hours (so you can survive for ten minutes in Morrisons, Karen). I am in a little village-type of place called Wynyard, it’s literally in the middle of nowhere but I absolutely love it. Although, it has raised an important question of why pubs feel that £9.00 for two pints is normal. We’ve taken trips to Tesco, eaten pizza, drank gin and belly laughed. It has been everything I think I needed right now. It is so important to remember to take time to find what makes us happy and it is even better to do it surrounded by humans that we adore. 

We need to talk about my many injuries this week though. Honestly, I am so accident prone. In the last 7 days, I have gotten the string tie of my hoodie wedged between my eyeball and my eye socket. I have sliced my elbow open on something unknown. I burned my hand on a sparkler on Monday and there was a moment where I sliced my foot open on a nail in the floorboards at home. It has been a disaster of a week and at this point I think I just have to resign to the fact that I will need to be placed in bubble wrap for the rest of my life. 

It’s not just been me though, Benson has also been in the wars this week, injuring two of his paws in separate incidents. It’s heartbreaking to watch them go through that knowing there is no way for you to properly make it better or to take the pain away. Over protective dog dad with all the feels over here, but I find it horrible when your pet is injured and just not themselves. So if anybody needs us then we will both be here, in bubble wrap, refusing to leave the comfort of our own home for fear of another injury. 

We also cannot let this week pass without talking about Taylor Swifts new album. Folklore was an album that none of us saw coming but I think all of us have ended up loving. I have made it no secret in my time on this earth that I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. There have been times where I have been unable to stand her desperate calls for self-snake-identification. There has always been something about the way she toys with the media and the public that makes me a little unsettled. But anyway, I decided to give Folklore a listen and, well, it is incredible, isn’t it? I have had a number of listens now, but I don’t think I could pick a singular song that stands out. They are all incredible. Whew. Daniel Coole a fan of Taylor Swift. Who know? 2020 Is really out here to change us all huh? There is just something so different abbot the surprise album drop when the surprise album comes in the form of a whole new genre direction for the artist.

I have been listening to a lot Daniel Ceasar and his incredible album Freudian this week. I believe that it won a grammy in 2019. But it is a really chilled and relaxed vibe with some incredible lyrics too. It’s all romance and heartbreak and bits in between but laid over these gritty synths and low tones and it just really works. It’s a fantastic album, and I highly recommend anybody having a little listen. 

Until next week, 

Dan x