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It is I, your favourite mistake on the internet, back with another weekly. This week, however, we are tinged with a little bit of sadness. Well, sadness for me, probably relief for you. For this weeks column will be my last for a couple of weeks. Most of you know that I’ve been working on a big project for a couple of years now, and the deadline is finally looming. I’ve never been good with deadlines, and so, I have left most of the heavy stuff to the last minute, I spend most of my days wanting to cry at my desk because all of those times I chose gin over work have come back to haunt me. But, hopefully, when I return, I will be deadline free and the bags under my eyes might have halved in size, if I’m lucky. 

When I’ve not been stressing about deadlines and punishing myself for not working to a proper schedule, I have been travelling back from my time away. It was a lovely time, dear reader. It was the break I needed, with really good company and a lot of time spent laughing until it hurts. I stayed longer than planned, because as you’ve come to understand at this point, very few things in my life turn out the way that they are supposed to. But, it was a blessing in disguise, I think. I have finally sat down to rewatch the final two episodes of I May Destroy You, and I still can’t entirely get my head around it. At first, I watched it with company, and we talked and ate pizza throughout, so I put down me not understanding to the fact that I wasn’t fully watching. But, with a second watch, I can’t say that I am entirely clearer with the whole ending. Anybody else?

I went to Costco last week. Have you ever been to Costco before? It was an absolutely fantastic time. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. Get yourselves to Costco. Why, you ask? Well if it’s not for the boxes of corn dogs, or the 12 kitchen rolls for less then a tenner, then its for the whole cooked rotisserie chicken for £4. Four pound. FOUR BRITISH POUNDS. WHAT. I spent the whole day telling anybody who would listen that I picked up a whole rotisserie chicken for four pounds. Incredible. Unbelievable. The stuff of dreams. Benson thoroughly enjoyed it too. We sat on the kitchen floor sharing our whole chicken and it was just a real good time, my pals.  

I decided to sit down and watch IT: Chapter Two last night. Only, I didn’t get round to watching IT: Chapter Two last night. Why? Because in order to do so, I needed to reactivate my NowTV subscription, and in doing so, I charged my exes card because his was the last card subscribed to the account when we used to share it. So there was that. That was fun. A lot of fun. So much fun. I sat on the end of my bed, sweating from embarrassment. So by the time it was all sorted, I wasn’t really in the mood to watch IT: Chapter Two because I realised that I am, in fact, Pennywise, just a big massive, messy clown. Cba. 

I’d like to think that lockdown and a pandemic and the state of the world have brought us all a little closer, in one way or another. I feel more connected to the people I engage with on Twitter. I really love having a little corner of the internet where I don’t feel so alone, you know? I have found a really solid and lasting friendship with my neighbour, too. We grew up as kids on the street and over the years have made our way back home for one reason or another. Being stuck in lockdown meant that we were the only two people of a similar age on an otherwise ageing street, and so we began to walk together, socially distanced of course. My best friend of all time, however, lives in Australia, and unfortunately her dad passed away last week. She can’t get over for the funeral, due to coronavirus restrictions and my heart just breaks at the thought of her having to mourn on the other side of the world, alone and isolated from all of her British family and friends. So, in one respect, I guess the world has never felt so small, but then with the flick of a switch, its has never felt so big. 

I hate to end it on a deep, soppy note, but if there is anything I can leave you with before I go and drown in deadlines and coffee for a couple of weeks, then it’s to take your chances. Shoot your shots. Tell the boy you fancy him. FaceTime your friend for a catch up, hop in on that family Zoom quiz (is Zoom still a thing?). I think if there is one thing that 2020 is teaching us, it’s that we should all stop expecting and planning and instead start living. Because sometimes, it can actually be a really fun life if we surround ourselves with the things – and the people – we love. 

I feel sick from that mush too, don’t worry. That level of mush is usually saved for 2am on FaceTime with the boy I fancy.

Finally, I leave you with music. I cannot lie and tell you I have found some incredibly quirky and independent artist who deserves more, because for the past week, all I have listened to is Cèline. I have come to the conclusion that there is a Cèline track for every mood. I am obsessed with I Drove All Night, currently. I don’t know if it’s because of the situation I find myself in, or because it’s just got a catchy up tempo beat, but I am obsessed. Although if you want something a bit more modern, then check out Forever On Your Side by Imaginary Future and Kina Gramnis. It’s a great song. Although I realise that I am starting to carve a theme of a long distanced relationship with my music choices this week..

See you soon. Look after yourselves. Monday is bin day. Don’t have any wild parties whilst I’m gone and the money for the window cleaner is on the side if you need it. I will be tweeting my usual disasters as and when they play out, so feel free to find me there if you miss me too much. 

Miss you already. 

Dan x